2016: Page 278

Page 278 was a good day with a decent balance of work and family time.  I did my early morning cleaning and as I stopped by my office for a cup of coffee, there were two deer standing outside my office window.  I got a camera out but it was too dark outside to get a usable picture through the window.  We watched each other for a moment then we each went our own way to finish our morning routines.  They went back to work trimming the brush along the edge of the woods and I went back to the cleaning and building prep work for the day.  Once the building was ready, I spent the rest of the workday on a variety of writing and lesson prep tasks.  

By mid-afternoon my workday was finished and I headed home.  It was a beautiful fall day so we threw our cameras in the truck and headed to Elkhart to do some walking and picture taking at a new location for us.  When I have time, I look for area locations that might have some good photo opportunities and one of the ones that came up in my search was the Wellfield Botanical Gardens in Elkhart, Indiana.  Tuesdays are free admission days at the gardens so it was a good day to check it out.  It turned out to be a beautiful location with work currently going on that should add even more beauty.  Even in a fall season where many of the flowering plants are done for the season and others are beyond their peak, there were plenty of good photos waiting to be taken.  The paths throughout the gardens were all hard-surface so it was easy to get through it with Susan in her wheelchair.  When we finished there, we headed over to Mishawaka primarily to walk the riverwalk but managed a few photos there as well. 🙂

Today’s photo comes from the botanical gardens where these wild flowers were blowing in the wind almost begging to be photographed.  They were moving around so much that it was quite a task to keep them in focus, and in the viewfinder, long enough to snap the photo.  It only took three or four tries but I did manage to get the picture I wanted.  I usually see a photo I want to take before I even think about shooting it.  Sometimes I get what I’m after on the first shot.  Other times, it takes numerous attempts to get the right angle, right lighting, right content, and right whatever else there is that could go wrong.  And then there are the times when I give up — I either miss the opportunity or I get tired of trying.  Life is a lot like that, isn’t it?  When we spend time with God we begin to see and visualize the good He has for us.  Sometimes it is so clear and so easy that it seem like we just walk into it and it is ours.  Other times it is a struggle where it feels like we are battling against everything that could go wrong but we keep at it until we are eventually rewarded with what we are pursuing.  Yet there are also those times when we give up.  We’ve attempted to reach the goodness God has for us for so long that we become weary and conclude it isn’t possible and wasn’t meant for us.  Sometimes we have a glimpse of the good God wants to share with us but we wait for so long that we miss the current opportunity and we wonder if another opportunity will ever come our way.

I pray that you and I would be diligent about the work God has called us to.  I pray that we would find the appropriate balance between providing for our family and being with our family.  I pray that we would be aware of the many reminders of His beauty that God surrounds us with on a daily basis.  I pray that we would spend time with God, watching and waiting for the good that He desires to share with us.  I pray that we would rejoice when the good things from God are easily obtainable.  I pray that we would persevere when those good things take multiple attempts and effort to bring them into our life.  I pray that we would seek refuge in God when an opportunity slips by us or we become to weary to continue pursuing it.


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