2016: Page 277

Page 276 was filled with the usual variety of Monday tasks as well as a few extras.  It was up early and in to work to get the building cleaned and ready for the school day.  Once the building was ready and the students began arriving, I took care of some messages and correspondence then settled in to spend time with God as we put together the prayer guide for next week.  After considering several options, I settled on the topic of prosperity.  As I wrote in the prayer guide introduction, I know Christians who believe God wants every believer to live in financial prosperity and the only reason we don’t is our lack of faith.  I also know Christians who basically take a vow of poverty and believe Christians should not accumulate any material possessions.  The fascinating part is that you can find examples on either end of the spectrum in the Bible among individuals who followed God.  So, the prayer guide will take a different approach to prosperity than what the world typically would.  Each day next week will focus on something the Bible says will lead us to prosper — but prosper according to God’s definition and eternal perspective, not necessarily our definition.

As I was working on the prayer guide, a box of booklets was delivered by UPS.  This was a collaborative effort as Mary Jane put some early childhood activities on each page of the booklet to go along with the animal alphabet poem I had written.  I had the completed booklet professionally printed in order to give the preschool students something special that they can enjoy as they learn.  While the work and purpose of this edition is “in house” to provide a resource for the preschool Mary Jane directs, I have considered finding an illustrator to make the booklet into an illustrated children’s book.  Today’s photo is of the front and back of two of the booklets showing the cover spread using a photo I took at the zoo.  I think it is a fun little poem and I pray that the students who use these booklets will be encouraged to have fun as they learn.  I’m not sure what, if anything more, God wants to do with this booklet but I am thankful that He continues to trust me with writing assignments even when I don’t understand why I am writing them.

Once the prayer guide was finally finished for next week and sent to the church office so they have it for the bulletin, I spent some time going through the lesson material for my 1st through 3rd grade Wednesday evening Bible class.  I like to go through it multiple times leading up to the class so I’m familiar with it and can be prepared with any extra resources that would help teach the lesson.  When I was in children’s and youth ministry, one of the most difficult things to do was to get my volunteer teachers to look through the provided material ahead of time.  Now I try to be the volunteer that I wanted others to be. 🙂

As the morning slipped away, I had some cleaning supplies that I needed to pick up before tomorrow so I put away my lesson material and prepared to go get the things I needed.  I asked Susan if she wanted to go with me and probably because it was nearing lunch time, she said yes.  We ran all of our errands and picked up the necessary supplies before stopping for lunch.  It is such a blessing that I have a job where I can spend time with my daughter and take her with me from time to time when I need to get supplies.  

After the workday was done, it was time to head home and work on setting a post to install a handrail along our front steps.  The outdoor temperature seemed rather cool until I began digging and all of a sudden the sweat began to roll.  Once the hole was dug, the post set, and concrete mixed and poured, it was time to fire up the pellet grill and get some chicken cooking for supper.  Now I’m enjoying a relaxing evening and thanking God for giving me kingdom work to do and a family to do it with.

I pray that you and I would be deliberate about spending time with God even in the routines of life.  I pray that we would seek to prosper in a way that has more meaning than financial and a longer impact than this life.  I pray that we would find joy in the tasks God sets before us, even when we think the tasks seem out of the ordinary.  I pray that we would look for ways to spend time with, and value, our families.  I pray that God would grant each of us the rest we need in order to accomplish the work He has for us to do.

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