Our Anniversary

Our marriage has made it
through 35 years.
Some filled with laughter
and some filled with tears.
Some days were hard
and others were fun.
But through it all,
you’re my only one.

Where do I start?
Where should I begin?
To tell a love story
that started back when.
Back when life was easy,
or so it would seem.
‘Til we had to figure
what was life as a team.

Some say it was foolish
to get married back then.
A couple of kids
whose wisdom was thin.
As I look back now
at how little we knew.
I can’t imagine learning
with anyone but you.

Our first house was simple
and drafty, I know.
On cold winter nights,
the inside drifted with snow!
It was hard to keep heated,
so we warmed it with love.
And if that didn’t work,
it was jacket and glove.

We moved on from there
to a house that was nice.
(Well, except for the times
we would catch all the mice.)
And while we were trying
to figure out life.
My health took a turn
that would cause us much strife.

We battled together
through pain and through tears.
As I fought to survive
the worst of my fears.
When I’d had enough
and did not want to live.
We received a blessing
that only God could give.

I called her Ralph
until she was born.
Then a more fitting name
is what she has worn.
Susan Marie
is the name we did give.
To the angel that’s with us
and helped me to live.

I did my best,
at least that’s what I thought.
But I found out later,
I didn’t do what I ought.
Each day was a struggle
for such a long time.
There were large mountains
that we had to climb.

So climb them we did,
until we reached the top.
And saw more ahead
so we never will stop.
We may pause for a while
to enjoy the view.
Then we’ll head for the next peak
as I travel with you.

So, Happy Anniversary
to me and to you!
It is quite amazing
what we’ve made it through.
And if God should give us
another thirty-five.
We’ll probably both wonder
why we’re still alive!

So, what can I say
as I look back in time?
How can I finish
an unending rhyme?
But to say it’s not over,
perhaps just begun.
As we learn from each other
and make our life fun!

© 2016 by Tom Lemler

After attending our 35 year class reunion the weekend before our 35th wedding anniversary, I spent some time reflecting on the years gone by — particularly the years at the beginning.  As I did so, this poem started to gel in my head and finally came our for our anniversary today.  I pray that God’s grace continues to give us more years together and that our lives would reflect Him more and more as the years go by.

In prayer,

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