2016: Page 265

Page 265 was the 37th anniversary of my first official date.  At that time, you could get your driver’s license a month and a day after your sixteenth birthday so on September 21, 1979, as I was beginning my junior year in high school, I got my driver’s license in the afternoon and asked the prettiest girl in the school to go out with me for pizza that evening.  She said yes and two years later we said “I do” which also made page 265 the 35th anniversary of our wedding. 🙂  

Being a Wednesday, page 265 was a long, full day so the writing of it isn’t taking place until the next day.  The day began with the posting of a poem I had written for our anniversary and then it was the usual cleaning, building prep, and taking out trash from the day before.  Once the building was ready, I headed out to do part of the mowing for the week while the weather was cooperative.  On my first pass down the playground field, I noticed a deer peering out from the woods at the far corner of the lawn.  By the time I had made it 3/4 of the way down the field, she had stepped fully out of the woods to see what I was doing.  Before long, another deer had joined her and pretty soon a small flock of geese showed up as well.  As I kept mowing, they kept working their way along the edge of the lawn eating grass and leaves from the trees.  After a few rounds and it became apparent they weren’t planning to leave, I stopped and got may camera so I could take a few photos while I mowed.  

When I had finished the mowing I wanted to get done for the day, I headed inside and did some follow-up on some messages that had been left for me.  While I was working on that, my wife came in to say her workday was done and to see if I wanted to get lunch.  So even in the midst of a busy day, we did manage to go out to lunch together for our anniversary.  While we were out, I bought her a flash for her camera and we picked up a few things at Sam’s Club before I headed back to work to get ready for the Wednesday evening class I teach.  I’m still nervous about teaching 1st through 3rd graders, so I spent time not only planning out the lesson I wanted to teach, but also preparing a variety of options for communicating the lesson and involving the students in learning it.

Our topic for the evening was thankfulness.  While God tells us to give thanks in all circumstances, that can be difficult for most adults to put into practice let alone trying to help children look for ways to be thankful in all things.  Probably one of the best exercises in thankfulness for any age person is to start making a list of things we are thankful for.  What will generally happen, is one thing on your list will remind you of something else then that thing will make you think of another and before you know it, your list is much longer than you ever would have thought.  

Once the class time was over, I did my Thursday morning cleaning on Wednesday night so page 266 could begin on the lake watching the sunrise — but that’s information for its page.  By 10:00 PM I had the cleaning done and it was time to head home and call it a day — a day in which there was much to be thankful for.

I pray that you and I would hold onto whatever good memories we have from the past.  I pray that we would be diligent about celebrating the goodness of God.  I pray that we would live a life free from fear.  I pray that we would notice, and learn from, the lessons God places in front of us each day.  I pray that we would grow in our thankfulness.


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