2016: Page 264

Page 264 seemed to pass by quickly as I look back and wonder where the day went.  As fall quickly approaches, the daylight hours visibly shrink each day.  It is dark when I get to work and the sun doesn’t crest the horizon until after the morning cleaning is done.  This morning as I took the trash out in the pre-dawn light, there were turkeys, geese, and deer gathered around the playground area.  The low light combined with the distance I had to shoot from made for photos that weren’t as sharp as I would have liked but it also made the deer more curious than fearful.  As the deer watched me closely, I wondered how much attention we pay to the sources of potential danger that surround us each day.  I suspect that many times we are oblivious even to the physical dangers we face while the spiritual dangers never cross our mind.  God not only warns us of the spiritual battle that takes place, He also provides spiritual armor to protect us in the midst of this battle — but it is up to us to put it on each day.

After taking some photos of the morning wildlife visitors, I spent some time with a sign company tech as he worked on the lighting of our sign.  I’m not sure how productive that was as he said it was working even though the top part wasn’t lit when I arrived in the morning.  His only suggestion was that perhaps the bulbs weren’t putting out enough light and needed to be replaced — but he didn’t have any to replace them with and wasn’t sure if it was something they stocked.  While I didn’t say it, my immediate thought was, “so the lights are on but no one is home?”.  As he left without confirming a real solution, I thought about how often the light of Jesus, which dwells within us through His Spirit, isn’t visible from the outside.  While I suppose it is possible the bulbs in the sign aren’t putting out the light that they are supposed to, it is never the source of light which is the problem when we fail to shine as we ought.   

When the service tech left, I spent some time in prayer as I went over the lesson I plan to share tomorrow evening in the 1st through 3rd grade Bible class I teach.  The rest of my workday was a combination of prayer, writing, and lesson development.  It has been a long time since I taught early elementary students so I continue to prepare the only way I know how — with much prayer and an open mind that considers creative ways to teach the core truths of God’s Word.  

I pray that you and I would daily put on the full armor of God so that after we have done everything, we can stand.  I pray that we would be alert at all times, recognizing that our enemy is always on the prowl seeking ways to devour us.  I pray that we would let the light of Christ shine brightly through us.  I pray that we would give careful examination of ourselves when we notice the light isn’t as bright as it ought to be.  I pray that we would seek God for the wisdom needed to teach others.  I pray that would have the desire both to learn and to teach.


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