2016: Page 263

After enjoying the sunset over Lake Michigan last night with my family, it was very early this morning before I finished writing yesterday’s page and went to bed for the night.  After a night that was short, but restful, I was up early to begin page 263 with the usual morning tasks of cleaning and building prep to get ready for the school day.  Once the bathrooms were cleaned, floors swept, and trash taken out, it was time to shift the morning prayers to a listening mode for next week’s prayer guide.  As I spent time praying and listening while I considered several topics, I finally settled on the topic of perfection.  Paul writes to the Corinthians, and to us, and says to “aim for perfection”.  I believe most of us have concluded that perfection is unattainable, so we settle for something far below perfection when God has better things in mind for us.  When we allow the world to define perfection for us, it actually makes sense that we would decide a life-long pursuit of it is a waste of time.  However, when we look to God to define perfection for us as being transformed into the image of Christ, a life-long pursuit of that becomes a noble task and worthwhile endeavor.  When we set our eyes on things above and not on the things of the earth, we find that Godly perfection is more attainable than we likely imagined.  God gives us His perfect law and a perfect example to follow as we learn to give up self and take on the image of Christ in all we do and say.  In God’s view, our perfection is not an accomplishment of ours but rather a journey that “leads us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”  

As I finished up the prayer guide and got it formatted and scheduled to send out on Sunday, it was time to shift my prayer focus to the missions that Deer Run helps to support.  As I put on the “missions committee treasurer” hat, I spent time praying for a variety of mission endeavors as I took care of the monthly correspondence and accounting that goes with that role.  Because of the diversity in the types and sizes of the mission works that we help to support, it becomes obvious to me that the only measure of success that can be universally applied is their faithfulness in doing what they have been called to do.  The same is true for each of us as we live out the mission God has given us of making disciples — yes, that’s a task for every believer not just those involved in “official” ministry and mission work.  When we try to measure our perfection against the results of someone else, we will rarely measure us, or them, accurately.  It is only when we use faithfulness to God as the standard of our life that we will learn to shine as we were meant to.  While that is an easy statement to type, it is often difficult to live when our culture puts so much emphasis on measurable accomplishments that may not always align with living a life of faithfulness.

By mid-afternoon I had finished the day’s work and it was time to get some lunch and head home.  At home, I did some more writing  then took a nap until time for supper.  Once I had eaten, it was time to sit down and write today’s page before heading to bed to get some sleep in preparation for whatever tomorrow’s page may bring.  While there are many days that I seriously question if I’ve accomplished anything useful with my life, God continues to ask me the same question each night — “Have you been faithful today?”.  

I pray that you and I would pursue God through a life of faithfulness above all else.  I pray that we would seek to be perfect, just as our Father in heaven is perfect.  I pray that we would allow God to define the perfection we seek rather than adopt the world’s definition.  I pray that we would practice our faithfulness in living out God’s command that we make disciples.

“Let your light so shine before men that they would see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

Lake Michigan 107.jpg

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