2016: Page 246

Page 246 is a Friday which means another two-shift day in order to have all my work done in preparing the building for Sunday.  Mary Jane had gone through the building Thursday night following the preschool open house, so I was able to get right to the mowing even before the sun came up.  An early start meant that I was able to have a decent break in the afternoon before coming back this evening to clean.  The day has definitely been all over the map in regard to the crazy things people do.  While it is mostly funny, my mental/emotional confusion I find myself in didn’t see it as all that funny today.  While I was mowing, a parent brought a student in for school and then just drove through the grass as he left.  I guess he couldn’t be bothered to back out of the parking space and wait for the other parents who were also trying to leave.  Later in the morning after I had finished mowing, the students were taken out to check them for lice right outside my office door onto the wet, freshly cut grass.  Needless to say, they tracked said grass into the building and left a trail of it for me to  clean up tonight.  And to top off the crazy, funny, what were they thinking events of the day, the cafeteria floor was swept (as it should have been) and simply pushed into a corner to be left under/behind the push broom.  Anyhow, just a glimpse into the life of a who knows what I am. 🙂

In the middle of all that, I did take an afternoon break and took my kayak down to Potato Creek to spend some time on the lake.  Still no sign of any of the eagles, but it was incredibly peaceful as I spent time with God going over my outline for the sermon I’ll share Sunday morning.  The breeze made paddling in the open water a bit challenging, but a number of the little coves and inlets were protected from the wind so I could enjoy the reflections as well as the actual clouds and sky.  As I made my way around the lake, a few of the trees were beginning to change into their fall colors, giving a hint of the growing beauty that is yet to come.  It doesn’t seem to matter what season, for me the lake is a peaceful place.  Each season brings a unique beauty to it and in each one I am able to withdraw for a moment from the frustrations of life and be reminded of whose child I really am.  Yes, people should be courteous and take turns and clean up after themselves but whether they do so or not, I am still a child of God and need to live like one.  My time on the lake is good because it helps me to do my work as one working for the Lord.  It helped me laugh and clean up the mess I found tonight.  It helps me consider the mess I make of my life and know that God is always willing to step in and consider me cleansed by the blood of His Son.  In every time that I willingly, or unknowingly, make a mess in my life, God is willing to do the cleanup work because He is the only one that can.

I pray that you and I would pay attention to how we live and how our actions affect others.  I pray that we would be patient with one another, even when we’re tired and don’t want to be.  I pray that we would make time to spend with God in a way that allows Him opportunity to refresh our soul and clean up the mess we make.  I pray that we would trust the power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.


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