2016: Page 245

Page 245 was filled with a variety of tasks as I get ready for the weekend.  When I finished doing the morning cleaning and prep, the deer were waiting for me when I took the trash outside.  This morning there were two adult females and two young (still spotted) fawns out grazing on the dew covered lawn.  I guess they were getting a head start in helping me, as lawn mowing was on my schedule for the day.  I needed to mail a copy of one of my books out to a person requesting it, so I headed to Staples to buy some padded mailers and then went to the Post Office before stopping by the gas station to get fuel for the mower so I could start on the lawn.  

When I returned to the building, I had some air conditioning issues to work on as the building’s HVAC system continues to have a mind of its own.  After continuing to run into roadblocks with the system, I left it for a while and went out to begin mowing so I would have a good start on it before Friday.  As I mowed, a poem began to form in my head as scenes from the past began to resurface in my mind.  It seems that I often find myself having feelings of extreme isolation as my mind is wired in a way that speaks truth — even when that’s not really what people want to hear.  I’m one who believes that a process of integrity is important for those who claim to represent Christ.  The way we do things is just as important, maybe even more so, than the results.  God calls us to pursue Him in faithful obedience and trust Him for the results that He desires.  Too often we determine the results we want and then justify doing whatever it takes to make it happen, with little regard for what God would want or desire from us.

Once I finished mowing the back part of the property, I headed inside to take a fresh look at the A/C controls.  This time I got serious and pulled out the system manual and spent time studying how the computer connects to, and talks to, the various system components.  Once I had figured out where to begin looking for the problem, it wasn’t long before I had the computer talking to the system and could once again see what was, or wasn’t, going on.  It appeared as if some of the components had been switched to a manual mode so it looks like I will need to spend some time above the ceiling early next week to see what I can find out.  After doing all I could with that for the moment, I headed back outside to see what I could do about a reported wasp nest.  It didn’t look too active as most of the wasps were probably out collecting food during the day, so I knocked it down and stomped on it to destroy it.  Fortunately, as the wasps all came back looking for their home, they kept looking up where it used to be and not down on the ground where I was. 🙂

With the wasps out of the way, it was time to call it a day and head for home.  I spent a little time on the computer at home and then when Mary Jane headed back to work for a preschool open house, Susan and I headed down to Potato Creek to enjoy a beautiful fall-like evening.  While none of the eagles made an appearance, the sun and clouds and sparkling water made for some beautiful photos.  Susan was having so much fun that I even managed to get a good series of photos of her as we spent some time on one of the piers.  We walked and we laughed and it was just us and God.  It was a good ending to a day when my mind was mostly filled with turmoil.

I pray that you and I would recognize when we need to take a break and refocus on a task at a later time when our mind and thoughts are fresh and clear.  I pray that we would live with an integrity that has nothing to hide in our motives and actions.  I pray that we would never become so focused on our own agenda that we lose our integrity accomplishing the things we want.  I pray that we would understand the value of spending time with God and family in a way that we can set aside the turmoil of a day for a moment.


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