2016: Page 247

Page 247 was a nothing scheduled kind of day but my mind was up and going full speed long before my body wished it would have been.  Eventually my mind and body will find a sleep/wake schedule they both can agree on, but until then I carry on as best I can.  Susan didn’t have the problem of waking up when she wished she could sleep.  She once again slept away the morning and didn’t make it to the zoo.  As she slept, I did some more work on the sermon I’ll share tomorrow and got my exercise in by playing Wii Fitness.  It said my fitness age today is 21 so I tell myself I’m doing really well at eating right and staying in shape. 🙂

Eventually Susan woke up, so I took a break from going through my notes and scriptures to get her breakfast and get the pellet grill started so I could work on Saturday lunch — yes, she got up that late.  I had everything on hand today, so it was back to the usual mushroom bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  After lunch I worked on some of my photos from yesterday and then we took a little family trip to Bonneyville Mill County Park to shoot some photos.  Didn’t end up staying there long as early in our visit Susan had a seizure.  She did come through it rather quickly and we managed a few more photos before leaving and heading to The Chief in Goshen for ice cream — ice cream helps just about anything. 🙂

The photo on today’s page was taken of the mill from the end of the Dahlia garden at the park.  The beauty of the flowers added to the peacefulness of the park.  The mill was in operation today, but it was as we walked by it that Susan had her seizure so we didn’t go in to get any pictures from inside.  Whenever I visit a site such as this old mill or a restored historical area, my mind always reflects on the scriptures that talk about our need to look for “the ancient paths” and to honor the “ancient boundaries” by keeping them in place.  It seems that we have an addiction to “improving” things to the point that we even attempt to “improve” things that not only don’t need improved, they can’t be improved.  The ancient path to a vibrant and growing relationship with God is an unchanging path that leads to the same place today as it did thousands of years ago.  When God called a people to Himself, the foundational element of that relationship was a people who would love Him with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.  As they would commit to Him being their God, He would commit to them being His people.  Jesus affirmed that very foundation when He was asked about the greatest commandment for those who would seek God.  His response was based on that same foundation of loving God with your entire heart, mind, soul, and strength.  It is out of that foundation that we are able to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Yes, methods and techniques change — sometimes more than we’re comfortable with — but the foundation must never change as we pursue a relationship with God.  Jesus made it clear that He is the only way to the Father.  The truth of Jesus being the Christ, the Son of the Living God, is the only foundation upon which a solid house, and life, of faith can be built.  Anything else and we soon find our house crumbling with the sand upon which it was built.

I pray that you and I would have good routines that keep us on a path that daily pursues God.  I pray that we would enjoy the reminders that exist all around us of God’s creativity and love.  I pray that we would hold fast to the foundation of faith that is found in Jesus and displayed in His love for the Father.  I pray that we would understand the difference between an unchanging foundation and the methods and techniques that need flexibility.  


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