2016: Page 232

Page 232 is turning into a two-shift day.  After helping with a project at the building last night, I did my early morning cleaning  before heading home so I was able to sleep in just a bit this morning.  With the rain this week, the lawn was definitely needing mowed so the sleeping in didn’t last too long.  So, my first shift of the day was spent mowing lawn with a short break in the middle to check messages due to a brief downpour.  I finally finished the lawn around 4 PM so it sounded like a good time for lunch. 🙂  The sky was overcast and very gray as I stopped and picked up a sandwich, but I decided to head down to Potato Creek to sit on the pier overlooking the lake while I ate lunch.  By the time I got there, the clouds were beginning to break apart and patches of bright blue sky were peeking through the gray.  A guy was leaving the lake and said he had seen an eagle about half an hour earlier, but while I could hear them calling to each other, none of them stopped by to see me.  I did manage to photograph an osprey that was perched atop a dead tree in the midst of the water, as well as a heron soaring into a landing along the shore and some great shots of the mix of blues, grays, and whites of the sky and water.  

After I had finished my lunch and was done taking photos, it was back to work for shift number two today — the Friday night cleaning to prep the building for the weekend.  While there is an element of peacefulness working alone in a building, quietness is not part of that.  Each year that the school-year routine returns, it takes some time to get used to the noises of the building that belong without getting freaked out by the various sounds — while it may be peaceful in the building, it is definitely not quiet!  As I clean and pray, I am reminded that this is what God is currently using to provide a way for me to direct the prayer ministry, write prayer guides and books, and teach about pursuing God through prayer in a variety of ways.  Sometimes I wonder if the thought ever crossed Paul’s mind, “Just think what I could do if only I didn’t have to make these tents to provide for the needs of myself and my companions.”  If it did, he never let that thought distract him for long from the ongoing task of sharing the gospel of Jesus wherever he went.  With that thought, my evening break is over and it’s time to finish up the cleaning so I can eventually head home.

I pray that you and I would always find time to rest in God presence, even in the midst of the busiest of days.  I pray that we would experience the beauty of God’s love shining down on us during the days that seem to be overcast with darkness.  I pray that we would learn what Paul called the secret of being content as we trust in God’s faithfulness to see us through all circumstances as we pursue Him with every fiber of our being.  I pray that we would do all things well because we do them for Christ.


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