2016: Page 231

Page 231 was a busy day — busy as a bee, if you will. 🙂  After doing the morning cleaning and building prep, it was time to begin some vehicle shuffling as I needed some routine maintenance done on the Jeep and the truck needed work on the tire issues finished today.  I began by taking the Jeep in for an oil change and walked back to work.  On the way, I shot a few photos and stopped by the Farmer’s Market to see my brother and one of my nieces.  One of the photos was a bee that was busy doing its thing on a flower blossom.  Back at work, I took care of some projects in the office and continued some of the writing I’m working on.  Shortly after noon, I got the call that the Jeep was done so I headed out with my family to pick up the Jeep and drop my truck off.  After lunch, we headed to Menard’s and Sam’s Club to pick up some supplies for the preschool and to restock the pop machine at work.  Once home it was time to relax for a short while before heading back to the church to help the Impact Campus Ministries group pack welcome bags to be given out on the area campuses during welcome week activities.  So now I work at writing today’s page as the day comes to a close.

Even with the best scheduling and planning, there are busy days when a lot of tasks need done in a short amount of time.  While it may not be possible to completely avoid the “busy-bee” days of life, there are ways to manage them so that they don’t define us.  Jesus had days when people would be so demanding of His time and presence that His disciples would become concerned for Him.  When word would get out that Jesus was in an area, people would bring their sick to Him at all hours of day and night, hoping that He would have compassion and heal them.  When the crowds would begin to fill His time by bringing children to Him to be blessed, the disciples finally had enough and insisted that Jesus was too busy to be bothered by the presence of children.  Jesus saw it differently.  Instead of being too busy for the children, He rebukes His disciples and welcomes the children to Him — going so far as to tell the crowds, and His disciples, that unless they would change and become like little children they would never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus knew when it was time to be busy and when it was time to rest.  He relied on direction and power from His Father to do each of them only when the time was right.  The many stories of Jesus being busy are balanced by the recurring accounts of Jesus withdrawing to “a lonely place” to spend time with His Father.  As a society, it seems like we are very good at being busy and very good at being busy at recreation which somehow we convince ourselves equals rest.  Yet as much as we attempt to convince ourselves that recreation is rest, we continue on with life completely worn out and not understanding why.  The answer lies not in our activity or lack of it, but in setting aside time when we draw aside to spend time with the Father.

I pray that you and I would follow God’s instruction that whatever we do we would work at it with all our might, as serving Him.  I pray that we would have an understanding of the nature of a busy life and realize that busy days are not always able to be avoided — nor should they be.  I pray that we would find balance as we seek times to draw away into God’s presence in the midst of a busy schedule and life.  I pray that we would know true rest in Christ as we allow Him to empower us for the busy days of life. 


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