2016: Page 225

After a long day yesterday, page 225 technically began with my early morning cleaning taking place from midnight until two this morning.  By doing that, it meant that I could sleep in this morning and try to catch up on some needed rest.  When I got up, I considered taking the kayak out but decided I didn’t have the energy to deal with the heat and humidity even for the beauty of some time on the lake.  Instead of going out kayaking, I spent some time online and booked a fall break vacation to celebrate our anniversary.  With our work schedules and the timing of the fall breaks at school, the trip will come a month after our 35th wedding anniversary.  The afternoon included some rest and then a trip to The Chief for ice cream and a stop at Sam’s Club before coming home.  By evening I had taken a seat on the porch with my camera to watch the hummingbirds visit the feeder.

As I watch these tiny hummingbirds, I am amazed at their ability to hover in place and then dart off with such speed that they are difficult to follow.  I will watch the feeder and all of a sudden a hummingbird seems to appear out of nowhere, drinks its fill of the sugar water, and then disappears as quickly as it came.  It reminds me of the Bible’s description of the work of God’s Spirit in us.  Jesus explains to Nicodemus that those who live by the Spirit are like the wind which we cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes to.  God’s Spirit works in our life at our invitation, but always in direct obedience to accomplishing God’s perfect work in and through us.  While containing the Spirit is like trying to catch the wind in our hands, its presence will always seek to accomplish the work of God in our life.  Too many times we want to contain God’s Spirit in a way that He would do our bidding but that’s not the way it works.  When our life is lived in submission to God, His Spirit is present to guide us, comfort us, correct us, equip us, and produce in us the fruit that can only come from the Spirit.

I pray that you and I would live by the Spirit in every aspect of our daily life.  I pray that we would recognize the faithfulness of a God who always keeps His promises.  I pray that we would live with a humility that doesn’t attempt to control God for our benefit, rather we would submit to Him for the benefit of others.  I pray that we would not ignore the presence of God’s Spirit within us as He seeks to guide us in paths of righteousness.


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