2016: Page 226

Page 226 has been a reflective and somewhat melancholy day.  Although it was a Saturday, Susan had no interest in getting up and going to the zoo.  I think the hectic schedule, general craziness of the last month, and the excessive heat and humidity has drained each of us to the point where rest is the one thing we need most.  So while she slept, I spent much of the morning with God praying for wisdom and direction for the prayer ministry as well as praying for my brother and his family.  While the sadness I feel as an uncle is greater than any I thought I could experience, my mind only imagines the pain that must be felt by Breanna’s mom, dad, sister, and brother.  So, I pray for them each day.  As I prayed this morning, a poem showed up in my mind once again so I share it as part of today’s page.  

Never Forgotten

A month has flown past
since we said goodbye.
Yet time has stood still
as we wonder why.
A life filled with purpose
and so much to do.
Would finish so quickly
without saying adieu.

Yet time marches on
while we’re left behind.
To press on with our life
and see what we find.
Each day is a journey
that’s never the same.
The tears may start flowing
when we think of her name.

Yet once in a while,
perhaps not often yet.
A peace fills our soul
that we must not forget.
For Bre is with God
in heaven above.
And surrounds us each day
with her presence in love.

For all of our sorrow
and tears from today.
Will one day be gone,
completely melted away.
But until that day comes
and we see face to face.
We get though each day
with the help of God’s grace.

And on those hard days
when we struggle with grace.
Remember its presence
is not confined to a place.
It will be seen one day,
in a kind stranger’s face.
And be felt another,
in a loved one’s embrace.

So, whatever you’re doing
as you go through your day.
Know you’re not alone
when you’re feeling this way.
The sorrow that grips you
is filled with much love.
Yours for a loved one,
and hers from above.

© 2016 by Tom Lemler

As I finished my prayer time and completed the typing of the poem, Susan decided it was time to get up.  As I helped her get around for the day, I also fired up the pellet grill to begin preparing our traditional Saturday grilled mushroom bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  Throughout the afternoon I rested some and took a nap before sitting down to write today’s page.  Although the page will soon be written, the day is not done as I will be heading in to work to take care of the cleaning tasks that are necessary so the building is ready for tomorrow.  

I pray that you and I would take time on a regular basis to simply be still before God.  I pray that we would learn to recognize the voice of His Spirit within us as we listen with expectation.  I pray that we would be an encouragement to the people around us as we are encouraged by those God surrounds us with.  I pray for my brother and his family and all who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  I pray that we would be reminded often of the promise from God of a heavenly home for all who belong to Him.


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