2016: Page 224

Page 224 has been a long day and will likely end up even longer once I’m done writing today’s page.  I started the day early cleaning bathrooms, sweeping halls, and taking out trash to get the building ready for the day.  Spent time throughout the morning working through some issues with a bill for service work that was considerably more than expected and also worked on some of the writing God has put before me.  By early afternoon, it was time for lunch with my family and then we headed up to Michiana Christian Service Camp where MJ helped prepare a meal for Hope Ministries while Susan and I did a prayer walk around the property praying for the camp and the group from Hope Ministries that is there this week.  After helping to serve the evening meal, we headed over to Lake Michigan to catch the sunset.  It was a beautiful sunset, but not necessarily one that marked the end of the day as I will likely head into work after I finish my writing and get my morning cleaning done so I don’t have to be up early in the morning.

I love watching the sunset and have learned to enjoy the sunrise as well.  While I can find beauty in God’s creation at any time, the colors of a good sunrise or sunset will have me shooting hundreds of pictures in an hours time.  While watching the glowing ball of the sun drop out of a cloudless sky and out of sight into the horizon of a calm lake is pretty spectacular, throw in an assortment of scattered clouds and the colors and textures add a beauty that simply cannot be matched.  I never get tired of watching the sun come up with its promise of a new day and the opportunity to live it in a way that honors God.  And for me, the sunset serves as a reminder that the day is done and, for good or bad, is now a part of my past.  While I can, and should, evaluate the day, the purpose should always be to learn how to grow more into the image of Christ each day.  The setting sun also serves as a reminder that there is coming a day when my work on earth is done.  One day the deeds that I’ve done here on earth will be judged by fire so that only the things of eternal value will last.  

I pray that you and I would work for the cause of Christ while it is day, knowing that the night comes when our work will cease.  I pray that we would make the most of each day God gives us.  I pray that we would welcome the new mercies that God showers us with each day.  I pray that we would be prepared through a life of faithfulness to God for the day when Jesus returns for His children.  I pray that we would be faithful in accomplishing kingdom work that will bear much lasting fruit to God’s glory.


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