2016: Page 223

While the outside temperature in the nineties still shouts summer, page 223 was filled with signs that summer is quickly fading away.  From the early morning cleaning as school began today to the sunflower head missing its petals and many of its seeds, the signs of fall are appearing everywhere I look.  The later sunrise and earlier sunset signal shorter days that will soon become cooler — it also means better opportunities for sunrise and sunset photos are once again on the way! 🙂

I chose today’s photo as a contrast to the beauty of yesterday’s sunflower picture because it both reminds me of fall and of how I feel.  It’s not just me, right?  We’ve all had those seasons of life when it feels like we’ve been picked apart and any attractiveness we’ve had is all gone.  Those days when we want it to be all about us even though we know it isn’t, and it shouldn’t be.  We don’t mind doing our part as long as we can define what our part is.  But as Christians, we don’t get to do that.  Our part has been defined by both the word and example of Jesus — we are called to be servants of all.  And so the days wear away our physical appearance, the seeds we are called to sow are given away, and the results are in the hand of God and out of our control.

In talking about Himself, Jesus reminded His listeners that a seed must fall to the ground and die before it can produce new life and much fruit.  These sunflowers produce many seeds which become food for the birds of the air.  If their seeds were missing, we would think there was something wrong with the sunflower.  There is an expectation that it will be filled with seeds because that is what it is created to do.  Jesus made it clear that we are called to serve and bear much fruit within His kingdom.  If we choose not to do so, some serious questions should be raised about our obedience to what we are created to do.

I pray that you and I would find great beauty in ourselves and others when we pour ourselves out serving people in the name of Jesus.  I pray that we would freely give what we have received from Jesus.  I pray that the seeds that have been sown in our lives would bear much fruit within us. 


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