2016: Page 222

Page 222 was another step in getting back into a school-year routine.  I headed to work early to clean bathrooms, sweep hallways, and take out trash to start the day.  Once that was done, I spent time taking inventory of supplies to see what I still needed before school begins tomorrow morning.  As I worked through that, I checked on the possibility of having an Impact Prayer Ministry display at the North American Christian Convention next summer.  Their exhibitor costs are rather pricey, so I need to spend some time with God praying and listening before I make a final decision about that.  I can list a lot of pros and a lot of cons, but I really need to figure out God’s direction in this and how He would want me to best share the ministry and resources that He has provided.

As the morning neared an end, I headed out to pick up the cleaning and maintenance supplies that I would be needing in the weeks to come.  As I made my various stops, I crossed paths with several people I know and was able to get updates from each of them regarding recent issues within their families that have been, and continue to be, prayer concerns.  By the time I finished all my stops, my workday had come to an end and I headed home.  At home, the birds were busy plucking seeds from the sunflower heads so I got my camera out only to have the birds disappear.  The lack of birds didn’t stop me from taking pictures as the sun hanging low in the horizon provided some great illumination for the flowers.  With the sun behind it, today’s photo shows a sunflower really living up to its name.

As I consider the photo, I think about how the Son shining through us is what helps us live up to our name, Christian.  The more that we live in the light of Jesus, the more likely it is that the people around us will see Him in everything we do.  Jesus teaches that we are the light of the world when He lives within us.  As the carriers of His light, we’re instructed to not hide this light from view but to set it on a lampstand that is positioned for everyone to see.  When our light is shining as it ought to be, not only do we provide illumination in areas of darkness but we also draw the attention of those in need to the light that Jesus offers through the indwelling presence of His Spirit.

It is when we live daily in the light of Jesus, we learn to make decisions that we know will keep us there.  The more we experience the comfort and encouragement of His presence, the less likely we are to pursue anything that would take us away from His light.  When we learn to listen to God and His Word for direction and timing in the events of our life, we allow Him to illuminate even the things we consider routine and ordinary.

I pray that you and I would turn to God for wisdom, and the courage to use that wisdom, in everything we do.  I pray that we would do our part in allowing God’s light to shine in us and be visible through us.  I pray that the light we make visible would draw people to pursue a relationship with Jesus.


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