2016: Page 210

Page 210 has been a busy day trying to get things done following a short night’s rest.  After writing yesterday’s page, I ended up working until midnight doing the cleaning for the weekend then scrubbing and rinse mopping the hallway floor so it would be ready to start waxing first thing this morning.  That means it was very early this morning when I finally got home and tried to get some sleep following a day that wore me out.  After a night of tossing and turning as the aches from the day’s tasks didn’t want to let me sleep, it was up and back at it first thing this morning.  

With four coats of wax to go down on the hallway floors, my day was spent swinging a mop back and forth in large figure-8 patterns.  Between coats I would down some Propel water and Dr Pepper to refuel for the next round.  While doing so, I enjoyed the visits of a variety of bird and butterflies outside my office window.  There is a hummingbird that has been stopping by on a regular basis that will often hover just outside my window.  There were also a couple different types of butterflies that spent a lot of time on the thistle blossoms at the edge of the woods.  These, in addition to the cardinals, robins, and other regular wildlife visitors, refresh me in a way that the fitness water and pop can’t.

I finally finished the last coat of wax a little before 3 PM and after cleaning up I headed out for a late lunch.  After I made it home, it was time to relax a bit and then take a short nap.  As the evening progressed, a thunderstorm rolled through the area bringing some rain with it.  While I know a few people who enjoy thunderstorms, most of the time they seem to be responsible for disrupting plans more than providing any benefit  It was after the storm that I went outside with my camera and took some photos of the flowers still wet with rain.  Not only do the raindrops add beauty to the photos, it is the rain that refreshes the plants and assists in their growth and the beauty of the flowers they produce.

As I reflect on the day, I am reminded of the various ways that God refreshes me as I grow in relationship with Him.  When my mind, body, and spirit are tired, He calls me to Himself for a time of rest.  The time spent bringing my cares and worries to God and trusting Him to take care of them in ways often beyond my comprehension, allows me to rest even in the midst of life’s storms.  Just as the body needs water and nourishment to sustain and refresh it, my soul needs consistent time communing with my God to bring a lasting season of refreshing to it.  Sometimes the refreshing comes in the midst of great peace and joy, but often it is more noticeable when it rains down upon me in the stormy seasons of life.

I pray that you and I would know the refreshing that comes from God in both the good times and hard times.  I pray that we would pay attention to the people and things that God surrounds us with for the purpose of bringing refreshment and encouragement to our life.  I pray that we would always be available for God’s use in refreshing and encouraging the lives of the people around us.