2016: Page 209

Page 209 looks to be a long day as I’m involved in a variety of projects.  In fact, I’m writing today’s page as I take a break between today’s projects and an evening project.  My workday began with some time spent on the material for some workshops on developing a lifestyle of prayer.  After a short time of study and prayer, the day’s projects began to stack up fast.  I had two different service techs arrive at the same time to work on different issues in the building.  One was a fairly quick inspection and service while the other was here all day and didn’t get finished.  In addition to working with them, I worked at getting floor finish put down in a series of rooms that was scrubbed and left unfinished yesterday.  Now that all my daytime projects are as done as they can be for now, I’ll start scrubbing the hallway floors when I’m done with today’s writing so they’ll be ready for their four coats of new finish.  🙂

As I’m taking a break before starting the evening project, I downloaded my photos from yesterday to my computer and went through them to do some basic editing.  The photo on today’s page is one from a series I took yesterday of a butterfly climbing over a small pebble in the roadway.  As I watched this butterfly struggle to make it up and over the pebble that is behind it in the photo, the phrase “making a mountain out of a molehill” came to mind.  It appeared to put a lot of work into getting over this pebble when it was fully equipped to simply fly over it with ease.  Shortly after I took this final photo in the series, the butterfly flew away so its ability to fly wasn’t a problem.  I don’t think like a butterfly, so I’m not sure what the reasoning was for climbing over this pebble instead of flying, but it did make me wonder how often we struggle with mountains of our own making because we fail to soar over the small things in life with the wings of God’s Spirit lifting us up.

I have a tendency at times to overthink things.  I know many people, from my perspective, who don’t think through things nearly enough but somewhere there is a balance where proper regard is given to a decision without making a mountain our of a molehill.  Sometimes it is a matter of evaluating what resources God has put at your disposal to use and then seeking the wisdom and courage to use those resources in the best way possible.  Other times the balance has more to do with spending proper time with God in prayer deciding if the task you’re considering needs to be done by you — if it even needs done at all.  As I read in the Bible about the life of Jesus, it is obvious that people had a lot of expectations about what He should be like and what He should do in any given situation.  Instead of basing His decisions on the expectations of people, He made it clear that His words and actions were all about doing the will of His Father.  Sometimes He pleased people with what He did and said and other times He didn’t — but He always pleased His Father.  We would do well to make that a priority in our life.  When our life goal is to live in relationship with God in a way that He finds pleasing, we soon discover that the molehills don’t have to become mountains.  We have enough trouble as we live in this world that it makes no sense to increase our trouble by attempting to live life without the help of the Spirit of God who lives in each of us who are His children.

I pray that you and I would evaluate the “mountains” in our life to see if they are really mountains or just molehills.  I pray that we would live in a vibrant relationship with God that seeks to live a life that is pleasing to Him.  I pray that we would understand the equipping of the Holy Spirit in our life as God’s presence in us to help us overcome the troubles we face.  I pray that we would live victoriously in Christ as we encourage those who become discouraged.


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