2016: Page 169

Page 169 was the up side of the roller coaster temperatures we have been experiencing.  Yesterday the high temperature didn’t make it out of the 60’s and today we were well into the 80’s.  Going from a cool cloudy day to a hot sunny day seems to confuse the building’s A/C system.  A few adjustments here and there seems to keep most of the building somewhat comfortable as I continue to learn the “quirks” of our HVAC system.  The morning was spent taking care of some maintenance and cleaning tasks then heading out to pick up some needed janitorial supplies.  I was also able to work on some of the banking paperwork for the prayer ministry on my way back to the building.  After unloading the supplies and catching up on mail and messages from while I was away, it was time for a late lunch before calling it at day.

By late afternoon, my family and I headed to a nature preserve to get some walking in and take some pictures.  As we walked the boardwalk trail, the swamp water beneath us was constantly being stirred by the activity of a multitude of frogs.  As we would stop at various places along the walk and look for the frogs, it would take a lot of careful observation to see them as they blended in so well with their surroundings.  As I thought about my day, and particularly about these frogs, I wondered how often the Christian community is a lot like these frogs.  We gather together each week with a flurry of activity and some joyful noise as we scurry about trying to be unnoticed by everyone except those like us.  When we leave our church gatherings, we are quick to adapt to our surroundings as we do whatever it takes to blend in.  We don’t mind being a Christian in the day-to-day world, we just don’t want anyone to notice.  When we do something, or say something, that causes people to take notice, our first response often has to do with being still and hoping that no one notices that we were the source of what they heard or saw.  

What would life be like in our communities if the noise we made as Christians was a good noise and we were proud to present Jesus as the source of our joyful noise?  Is our life being lived “out loud” in such a way that people would even want to experience what we have through Jesus?  While the “disappearing frog” approach is one ineffective way to live our Christian life, the red-wind black bird “dive bombing” approach is typically just as ineffective — but that will need to be a page for a different day. 🙂

I pray that you and I would let our light shine in such a way that the people around us glorify God.  I pray that we would always be ready to give an answer for the hope we have in Christ.  I pray that we would be careful not only in how we live, but also in how we answer those who question our beliefs and faith.  I pray that we would find practical ways each day to represent Jesus well in every situation we find ourselves in.  


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