2016: Page 170

Page 170 was a summer Saturday which means it was a dad/daughter morning, grilled hamburgers for lunch, and a family afternoon.  Sometimes predictability can be a good thing. 🙂  As Susan and I headed to the zoo, she had one thing on her mind — a lion!  She had down-sized her stuffed animal just before we went on vacation to something that would be manageable on the plane.  Since arriving home, and beginning to realize her birthday was fast approaching, she has been increasingly restless about finding a new animal.  In keeping with her child-like faith and innocence, what she really wanted was to bring one of the actual lions home from the zoo!  I was able to convince her that the zoo was where the lions lived and they needed to stay at their home to visit with the people who come to see them.  After we had made it around to see the animals we stopped by the gift shop where Susan found a lion that she fell in love with that was much smaller and less live than the one she originally preferred — though to her, just as real.  I bought it for her birthday and Susan was beaming and waving to everyone as we left the zoo.

We stopped and picked up a few groceries on the way home, then fired up the pellet grill to make some mushroom bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  After relaxing for a while in the afternoon, we headed to Goshen for a family walk along the millrace . . . and to get ice cream.  While a little warm, it was a beautiful evening for a walk with so much beauty to see while being serenaded along the walk by an assortment of song birds.  Also along the walk was a large patch of black raspberry vines containing the first ripe raspberries I’ve seen this season.  After our walk we made a stop at Sam’s Club before heading home where I sat down to write today’s page before heading to work for a while to make sure the bathrooms are clean and the building is ready for tomorrow.  Praying that when I get there I keep my mind focused and don’t create an all-night job for myself like I did last week.

As I thought about the day, Susan’s lion and the raspberries were reminders of waiting, of patience, of seasons, of life itself.  When Jesus says that we must become like little children or we will never see the kingdom of heaven, I immediately think of Susan.  She has a clear view of heaven and is always excited about taking whatever animal she attaches herself to with her to heaven to see Jesus.  Susan has always attached herself to a stuffed animal for a season of time that brings her joy and comfort.  Eventually that season ends and she starts to get restless and begins the process of deciding what will be the right companion to keep her company for the next season.  As a person who doesn’t handle change well, seasons are difficult for me.  Seasons of weather or seasons of life each bring their own assortment of changes — some easier to appreciate than others.  There is a season when raspberries bloom, a season when the ripen, and a season when they are dormant.  Most people only appreciate the ripening season, but all of the seasons are necessary in order to have berries to enjoy.  

I pray that you and I would understand the changing seasons that we experience in life.  I pray that we would have a child-like faith that longs for heaven and desires to take others with us.  I pray that we would make the most of the days we have with the friends and family that God has put in our lives.  


2 thoughts on “2016: Page 170

  1. Tom, for some reason I had lost your writings… Today I found it, when I my head is pounding while I deal with new medication. Your writing really touched me. And, reminded me that this too will last nay a season…… Thank you for sharing! Sharon

    • You’re welcome! Praying that the new med does what it is supposed to and that the pounding head doesn’t last long. I’m happy that God uses my writing to encourage others.

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