2016: Page 140

Page 140 was back to a normal start to the day with early cleaning and building prep.  Once that was done, I had a morning appointment to have my truck serviced so I dropped it off near downtown and spent some time with God taking pictures and going through ideas and plans for some lifestyle of prayer workshops.  The stillness of the morning created a mirror-like surface on the river which became a huge reflecting pool.  The sky was a clear blue which was also reflected in the river below.  Once the service of my truck was complete, I headed back to the office where I worked on putting some of the morning thoughts on paper (well, actually in a computer file).  As the work day came to an end, I thought about how God has used the writing assignments He’s given me in places I would have never imagined.  I also thought about the doors that have closed, or never opened, where I thought my writing work would be the perfect fit.  

After work we made a trip down to Potato Creek for a late afternoon family hike.  By then, the breeze had picked up enough that the open water was not still enough to reflect the shoreline trees or the color of the sky.  I thought about how most Christians have a desire and an understanding of their need to reflect Christ in their daily life.  Yet most of us have a difficult time living with a stillness that allows for a clear reflection.  The prayer guide that I published for this week is about waiting — something that most of us have great difficulty in doing with contentment.  God calls for us to be still and know that He is God.  It is in our “stillness” that we allow our mind and spirit to be free from the distractions that get in the way of us, and others, seeing the work of God in our life.  We often live in such turmoil that we struggle to believe, let alone see, God’s work that goes on around us all the time.  When we are filled with doubts that toss us as the waves of an ocean, it is no wonder that our representation of Christ may be less than accurate at times.  

It is in our stillness that we can see a fuller reflection of what God is doing in and through us.  My stillness allows me to trust God to use His gifting in my life in the best way possible.  When I see the reflection of God in my life, I begin to recognize His work and I do my best to get pride and selfishness out of the way.  When your gifts and abilities come from God and belong to God, you have no real claim to dictate how and when they are used.  When we insist on our own way, we begin to stir up the waters of our life and any reflection that is seen is less than accurate.

I pray that you and I would learn to practice a life of stillness before God.  I pray that we would always seek to reflect Christ accurately.  I pray that we would realize the contentment that comes from surrendering back to God the control of the gifts and abilities that He has given us.  I pray that we would make the most of every opportunity to spend time with God and reflect His presence to the people around  us.


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