2016: Page 139

After working both ends of page 138, I slept in a little longer today than what has become my normal wake up time.  It still seems odd for me to think I slept in when I was at work by 7:30 AM.  After a morning of working on mostly office stuff and writing, I headed home a little early to put on my “son-in-law” hat and see if I could figure out a power steering issue on Gene’s truck.  As I crawled under the truck it quickly became obvious that the metal tubing, that they call power steering hose, had corroded and the power steering fluid was spraying out faster than you could put it in.  With all of the dirt and corrosion, I decided it was a bigger task to get to it than I was up to so I called a service center and took the truck in to have them look at it.  When I dropped the truck off, they said they would look at it and call me with an estimate so I threw my camera backpack over my shoulder and headed to the river walk in the downtown South Bend area.

When I’m near the section of the river walk where the East Race Waterway comes off of the river, I always stop and spend some time at the firefighters memorial.  I know a number of people that have served and/or currently serve as firefighters and this monument is a reminder to me to stop and pray.  As I spent time there praying today, I noticed a poem engraved on what I would call the back side of the memorial.  Part of the poem talks about firefighters knowing that on the job death is a possibility while praying that it doesn’t come to be.  When I think of the willingness to sacrifice their own lives to save others, I’m confident we don’t give enough honor to firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and people in other public safety professions who risk much to protect lives, property, and our way of life.  When the Bible says that we are to give honor where honor is due, we rightly immediately think of honoring God.  Yet many times because of the scriptural warnings about pride, we fail to recognize the people that we ought to be giving honor to.  But pride is typically about the honor we try to get for ourselves, not the honor we ought to be giving to others.  God tells us to honor others above ourselves.  When we honor those who serve others, we give value to Christ-like living.

I pray that you and I would always give honor to those who serve.  I pray that we would support, encourage, and pray for those who risk their lives for the public’s benefit.  I pray that we would give the greatest honor to the One who lived for the purpose of dying in our place and resolutely set out on the path to accomplish what only He could.  I pray that we would imitate the sacrificial mindset of Christ and those who have followed Him before us.


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