2016: Page 138

Page 138 is feeling a lot more like a Friday than a Tuesday as I’m writing this as I take a break from cleaning at work.  I was up early after a good night’s sleep.  I slept so well that I was up before the alarm and had begun my cleaning before 6 this morning.  It was an overcast and drizzly morning, so I spent time on my writing projects after the cleaning and building prep was done.  With warmer temperatures outside once again and the forecast calling for them to continue to rise, I decided to try once again to shut the boilers down for the season — we’ll see how long it lasts. 🙂  I had a discipleship/mentoring lunch meeting and then came back to the building to finish a few things to wrap up the first 8 hours of the work day.  After running some errands and spending a little time at home, it was back to the church to meet a few of the guys to go out and celebrate a birthday of one of them.  I think we all stuffed ourselves to the point we could hardly move but it was a great time of fellowship.  When we got back to the building I decided to come on in and start some of my morning work tonight.  It’s a good thing I did as there were lights on throughout the building and the alarm had not been set for the night.  

As I went through the building getting it ready for tomorrow morning, I thought about the osprey down at Potato Creek.  Now that they are nesting, there appears to always be one of the pair on the nest and the other one is either out fishing nearby or perched where he can keep an eye on the nest and its surroundings.  We all experience times when we are preoccupied with important things and need someone to “keep an eye out” for us.  While most of us love having people in our lives that we know we can count on to warn us of danger that may be creeping up on us while we are involved in important work, we also need to have that same level of commitment to being the person who looks out for the good of others.  Do the people around us know that they have someone in us that “has their back” and is constantly looking outward to provide the protection needed for them to do the important work God has called them to?  Are you and I aware of those who support us and shield us from danger as we do the important work God has created us to do?  I know I am blessed in my work here at Deer Run to have so many who “keep an eye out” and “have my back” in helping with the maintenance and facilities work when God has me doing prayer ministry things.  I’m sure that I don’t thank these people enough and I’m fairly confident that there are some that I’m not even aware of their part in making sure things get done.  When I think of the preaching, teaching, and written resources that God has allowed me to share with many people, I think of the guys I had dinner with tonight who are a core part of the group that makes all of that even possible.  And when I think of all the work that these guys and so many others do in covering for me, the little things that I do like locking up and turning out lights become just a small way for me to help someone else continue doing the things that God has put in front of them.

I pray that you and I would take the time to celebrate the lives of our friends on a regular basis.  I pray that we would recognize and appreciate those who stand watch over us as we do the work God has called us to.  I pray that we would stand watch with joy when we have the opportunity to serve in that way as others do the work God has given them.


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