2016: Page 18

Earthdate: 20160118 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

The day started with blowing snow and bitter cold wind chills.  The actual temperature reached -3 degrees with the windchill in the negative 20 range before beginning an upward movement mid-morning.  Even with the extreme cold and the Martin Luther King Jr holiday, I was expecting a couple different service companies at the building to do some work, so I bundled up and headed to work.  As I waited for the service people to arrive, I worked on adjusting some of the heating in the building and changed air filters.  While the air in the building never seems to be “dirty”, it is amazing how much dust is caught by these HVAC filters.  All of this stuff in the filters has been present in the air without anyone noticing.  The particles are too small, too insignificant to even notice without a system to filter them out.  Once trapped in the filter, you are shocked at what you would allow into the air you breathe without some type of filter.

Life is kind of that way, isn’t it?  Without a consistent use of God’s Word as a filter, all kinds of dirt and pollution find their way into your life.  Most of it isn’t that obvious.  It may not be noticeable at all because we’ve gradually become used to its presence around us.  God’s desire is that we would use His Word to identify the filth that is so prevalent –not only around you, but perhaps even in your life.   God says that we should gaze intently into His Word so we know the standard that He calls us to and can recognize the changes we need to make.  The thing with filters, whether HVAC or God’s Word, is that they are not an “apply it once, pay no attention to it again” kind of thing.  We must not only allow the filter to do its work, we must regularly discard the filth that the filter catches.

By early afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and even with a brisk cold wind a few cardinals came out to eat some of the remaining berries from the woods.  The moon even made a beautiful appearance in the crisp clear afternoon sky.  While the temperature was on the positive side of the thermometer, it was time to clear snow from the walks to prepare for tomorrow and pray that there isn’t additional snow to deal with in the sub-zero weather tomorrow morning.  As I finished the shoveling and prepared to head home for an evening of rest, I snapped a photo of the afternoon moon.

Psalm 148 3

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