2016: Page 19

With only a light dusting of snow overnight, I planned on just going in to work for a short time and then take the rest of the day off since it has been several weeks since I’ve had a day that I’ve not gone in to work.  I took care of the walks and inside cleaning before getting sidetracked by some heating and computer issues.  After adjusting the heating it became apparent that the computer I was trying to get running wasn’t going to be resuscitated.  One of the things I enjoy greatly is researching purchases to find the best value — not just the lowest price, but the best combination of price, quality, and features in an item.  I found what I believe was the best value computer for the intended purpose and it was available locally, so I made a combined trip to pick up a computer and restock some cleaning supplies.  By the time this was done, and I responded to a phone message that was left while I was out, my short day had turned into a 10 hour day. 🙂  As I left work and noticed the mix of clouds and blue sky, I decided to head down to Potato Creek State Park for a hike and some photos of the sunset.

As I researched computer options, I thought about the words of Jesus instructing His followers to count the cost of being a disciple.  Even as I was in the store and knew what I intended to pay, the salesman did his best to convince me I need to add accessories, features, a warranty, or even paper and pens to increase the price of the sale.  This time I didn’t need any of that, but I remember more than a few computers that I would tell my wife the cost of and she eventually learned to ask, “And how much for the necessary extras?”.  Being a faithful disciple of Jesus requires that we not only start a journey with Jesus, but that we finish that course.  As Jesus gives examples of people in life counting the cost of winning a war or building a tower, He concludes with the statement, “In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:33).  For many people, being rescued from Hell sounds like a good deal that is simply theirs for the taking.  Yet there are times when there is little evidence of a changed life because they have either not understood the cost of being a disciple or chosen not to give up themselves to the lordship of Jesus.  I pray that your understanding of salvation through Jesus Christ not only considers the benefit to be had, but also accepts the cost of full surrender.

The best value you will ever find in life is to pay everything you have and everything you are to be a disciple of Jesus.  In exchange for things that have no eternal value, you receive eternal beauty as a bought-back, adopted child of God.


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