2016: Page 127

Another day, another page.  And another Friday finding me writing the day’s page at work as I take a break from the cleaning, mopping, and floor scrubbing.  🙂  As I took the trash out earlier, the sun was beginning to  drop behind the tree line to the west.  It was starting to light up the sky with such beautiful colors that I went inside and grabbed my camera to take some sunset pictures.  When I went out the front of the building, there at the top of the drive with the sunset behind her was a deer grazing on the lawn.  But that was this evening, I’m getting way ahead of myself.

The day began early as I needed to do the usual cleaning and then some extra prep to get the cafeteria area ready to set up for a memorial service.  Once the inside of the building was ready for the day I headed out to start mowing around the building so I wouldn’t be doing that while the students were trying to have class.  As I moved toward the back of the property to mow, a vehicle parked out back and I stopped to see what they were doing.  The gentleman said he was going to go out in the woods for a while and hunt mushrooms.  I told him that there was a school on site and we could not have people wandering the property while we were in session.  Most of the time people understand that explanation and appreciate our desire to protect the children.  Not this guy.  He began to get a little belligerent and insisted that he wasn’t going to harm anything so it was okay for him to be here.  I restated that I was going to have to ask him to leave the property and his response was that he wasn’t going to take anything so he didn’t see why he had to leave.  (I don’t know if he didn’t plan on finding any mushrooms that he said he was hunting or if he was going to leave them with us.)  I explained it had nothing to do with whether he was taking anything or not, this is private property and he was being asked to leave.  As he continued to argue with me, I asked him if it would be okay for me to show up at his house at any given time, park in his driveway, and just wander around in his backyard looking for anything that I might want.  He insisted it wasn’t the same but he did finally decide to leave.

I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon mowing and working outside then headed down to Potato Creek for a Waist Management and Mental Health break.  The hike around the lake did me good as I spent time with God in the midst of the natural beauty of creation.  I thought about how often we insist on doing things our way even when God says it is not appropriate.  I’m afraid that far too often God’s Word brings about conviction and we spend an incredible amount of time convincing ourselves that we don’t really need to change.  Then we spend even more time trying to explain to God why following His instructions really doesn’t apply to us.  Sometimes I think we forget that the earth and everything within it, including us, belong to the Lord.  We become the piece of clay demanding a particular result from the potter.  From our view, our intents and motives are pure and harmless so we cannot understand why God would say no.  We’ve become so selfish that it is nearly impossible to grasp how our actions may affect someone else.  God’s view is so much wider and deeper and it is perfect.  His instructions, His plans, are not designed to harm us but to provide a nurturing environment in which not only us, but each person can grow into the image of  Christ.

I pray that you and I would stop and think about God’s ownership of everything when we are tempted to argue with Him about His instructions to us.  I pray that we would understand and trust that God’s care for us is absolute.  I pray that we would be more observant to the needs of others so that we would gain a better understanding of how God’s laws are meant for the good of all people.  I pray that we would appreciate the beauty that God surrounds us with.  I pray that we would grow in humility as we learn to practice submission to the Word of God.


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