2016: Page 103

It was an early start to what turned out to be a beautiful spring day.  The morning cleaning and building prep was finished shortly before sunrise so I did some office work as the sun came up.  The rest of the workday was spent running chainsaw as I began the brush clean-up process following our recent sale of timber from the property.  While I made some progress, this will be a fairly long term project as I work my way through the woods.  Even with the sounds of the chainsaw, the birds were singing loudly throughout the day.  When I would stop to refuel the saw, the birds would come over to see what I was doing.

The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was nearing 50 degrees so we headed down to Potato Creek after work.  We arrived around 5 PM and an eagle was waiting to greet us.  He didn’t stay around long tonight.  I managed just two photos before he flew off, soaring through the sky in increasingly large circles before heading home for the night.  After seeing the eagle, we began our hike around the loop to see one of the osprey nests and get some exercise in.  Along the trail we hiked is a small pond that overflows into the lake.  As we walked past, the beauty of the trees and sun reflecting off the still surface of the water caught my photography eye.  There was enough of a breeze that the lake itself was too rough to capture much reflection off the surface, but this protected pond had a mirror-like surface.

As I noticed the contrast between the water on one side of the trail compared to the other, I thought about how we are supposed to reflect the nature of Christ in our lives.  And then I thought about all the studies and surveys I have read that indicate there is very little difference in the average lives of those who ought to reflect Christ and those who are not yet in relationship with Him.  Then I began to wonder if the scene in front of me might reveal one of the reasons why Christ is often not seen clearly in those who belong to Him.  Could it be that we are so tossed about by the winds of life and the winds of compromise that we are never still enough to accurately reflect anything?  God calls us to be still and know that He is Lord.  It is through an inner stillness — a peace that surpasses understanding — that the people around us can see the character of Christ reflected through us.  As we live with a growing trust in God, the waves that often distort the reflected image begin to  calm and become ripples which soon become smooth water.  

I pray that you and I would seek a stillness in Christ that allows for Him to be seen clearly through us.  I pray that our trust of God would grow in ways that create an increasing stillness in our lives.  I pray that we would understand that times of wind and waves come but that they don’t last forever.  I pray that we would always look to God to calm the storms in our lives that keep us from reflecting Christ accurately.


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