2016: Page 102

After a long and productive weekend, page 102 was back to a Monday routine.  The day began early with bathroom cleaning, sweeping floors, and taking out trash.  When I took the trash out in the pre-dawn twilight, a couple deer were standing just beyond the dumpster watching me as I came out of the building.  I stopped where I was and decided I would enjoy the moment more by watching them rather than going back in to get my camera and take the chance they would leave before I got back.  As I watched, another deer came from behind the garage and joined the first two . . . then another . . . and another . . . and another . . . and another until 7 deer gathered and slowly walked into the woods to disappear for the day.

Once the building was ready for the day, I continued my Monday routine by going before God in prayer to work on the prayer guide He would have me write for next week.  As I sat with God, I decided to go with the topic of kindness to follow up this week’s focus of self-control.  Just as God’s Spirit should be producing self-control in our life, it ought to be producing a kindness that the people around us would notice.  Once next week’s prayer guide was written, I spent the rest of the work day writing and doing follow-up from the weekend’s convention contacts.  When I got home my family and I headed down to Potato Creek where we got in a 3+ mile hike and photographed some of the beauty of God’s creation.

While there were a variety of wildflowers blooming, the first photo I took at the park today was of a dandelion blossom.  As I photographed that, several things went through my mind.  The first was a mental flash-back to my ag classes in high school a “few” years back.  In the class, a weed was defined as any plant growing where it wasn’t wanted or desired.  In other words, there wasn’t a set class of plants that were weeds and a set class that were not.  It all depends on the perspective of the person viewing the plant.  While most people, including myself, would view a dandelion as a weed if it were growing in their lawn, when I find it blooming along the trail in the woods it is no longer a weed but a wildflower in my eyes.  Then I thought about the parable Jesus taught about the weeds which were sown among the wheat.  The servants wanted to go in and pull out all the weeds while the crop was still growing.  The master would have none of that plan because it would result in wheat being pulled up along with the weeds.  The instruction was to leave the field be and at the harvest the master would have the weeds separated  from the wheat with the weeds being burned and the wheat being stored up in the master’s barn.

I pray that you and I would recognize the value of people who are different from us and realize that their value is not based on our differences but on the value we have because of our common Maker.  I pray that we would not be guilty of destroying part of God’s harvest by our desire to “weed” the place where we live.  I pray that we would always leave the “weeding” that needs done to God as He rightly determines where each person belongs when the final harvest is brought in.


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