2018: Page 81

Some thoughts, lesson, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Another beautiful morning with clear skies and a solid layer of frost covering the truck to start the day.
  • Some days end with a feeling that everything went as it should have and other days end with the feeling that nothing went as it should have.  The reality of most days is somewhere in between.
  • I began the day working on some maintenance issues that I wasn’t able to resolve yet and then turned my attention to getting the building ready for the day.
  • Often when I get stuck on a project, I find it most effective if I take a break from it and come back later when I can look at it with fresh eyes and perhaps a new perspective.
  • Once I had the cleaning and prep done to start the day, I spent some time finishing up the financial record-keeping that I had begun yesterday for the prayer ministry.
  • Most of my morning and early afternoon was spent on the phone being kicked back and forth between various people as I tried to get answers regarding service work we had done.  It seems the people that can pull up our account on their computers can’t access the information I need and the people they transfer me to that are supposed to have access to the information tells me we don’t exist in their computer system.
  • By mid-afternoon, this task had become so frustrating that it was put on pause so I could get lunch and rest my mind from the insanity.
  • While it would be easy to focus on the tasks that couldn’t be accomplished yet, writing this page as a type of journal helps me to see there were numerous things that did go as they should have gone.
  • It also helps as I go back through previous pages to see that just because something wasn’t finished today, it doesn’t mean it won’t be completed.
  • After lunch I headed home to unwind a bit and then headed out for another family walk at Potato Creek this evening.  Still no eagle sighting, but we had a good short walk and were able to watch a couple osprey put on a show for us.
  • Today’s photo was taken one of the many times I was on hold today waiting for the person on the other end of the telephone line to tell me they couldn’t help me.  This squirrel reminded me of the joy that can be found in the simple things of life.



4 thoughts on “2018: Page 81

  1. I’ve had one of those days as well. It is never fun but there is still hope that everything will eventually work itself out. I imagine those folks who say you don’t exist will be contacting you if the bill isn’t paid!! Your little squirrel looks like he’s been in a few scrapes with that notched ear – and I think if i were a squirrel I’d have a couple of notches out of my ears as well!

    • That’s one of the fun parts of keeping a journal of some type — while there is almost always something new to try my patience, as I look back, none of those things that were so huge on a particular day are nearly as large now . . . if they even exist as problems anymore.

    • Thanks! I’m not sure what he found to eat. I suspect he scrounged something out of the dumpster along the edge of the woods at work . . . I see them coming and going from there every once in a while. Whatever it was, he sure seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

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