2016: Page 61

On the road again . . . Today’s page covered a lot of ground while ending up at the same location I started.  🙂  I had the opportunity today to have an Impact Prayer Ministry display at a 5-state regional camp conference in central Indiana.  I left the house around 7:30 this morning and just got back home a little after 9 this evening.  While it was a long day, it was also a good day as I was able to put prayer-based resources into the hands of many camp leaders and have some great conversations about the importance of pursuing God through prayer and His Word.

About mid-morning during my trip, the rain began and continued through much of the day.  It made unloading my display material rather interesting but I managed to get the display set up and keep everything dry.  By the time the vendor fair at the conference was over, the rain was no longer falling as heavy as it had been so I made a short side-trip to Cataract Falls on my way home.  This is billed as the largest waterfall in Indiana and it would have been difficult for me to be that close to it without stopping to take some photographs.  There is a beautiful covered bridge over the river at the head of the falls that adds to the photo opportunities.  While the bridge has had restoration work over the years and is now open only to foot traffic, the current bridge was put into service in 1876!  

As I thought about the day, my mind focused on the enduring nature of God and His overwhelming love.  Whenever I have the opportunity to share with people about the work God is doing in Impact Prayer Ministry, it is a reminder to me of how God will multiply what He gives us when we are willing to use it and share it with the people He wants us to equip and encourage.  Far too often we grasp what we have because it seems so small to us and we’re afraid it isn’t enough for us, let alone enough to share.  Our selfishness not only hurts us, it hurts those that God has desired for us to help.  My experience with the prayer ministry has shown that God’s ability is much like the waterfall I visited today.  As I watched the water cascading over the rocks, it just kept coming with as much force and volume when I left as it had when I arrived.  When I think about God supplying our need according to His riches in glory, I don’t picture a limit to what He has or what He is able to provide.  The only limit I find seems to revolve around how I define and live out the concept of need not only in my life, but more so in the lives of the people I ought to be serving.

As I walked the length of a bridge that has stood since 1876 and read the plaque with its history, it reminded me of the importance of maintenance and restoration.  The bridge has required both to keep it safe, usable, and looking nice.  Our relationship with God requires both as well if we want a spiritual life that is safe, usable, and looks nice.  My work at the conference was all about putting prayer-based resources into the hands of people so they have some tools to help restore and maintain their relationship with God.  Even with that, the tools I have are secondary at best.  They are designed to help people use the primary tools of prayer and God’s Word as the best resources in restoring and maintaining their relationship with God.

I pray that you and I would desire for our relationship with God to grow and be more vibrant each day.  I pray that we would learn to share the things that God gives us — and realize that every good thing we have has been given to us by God.  I pray that even as God has made it possible through Jesus for us to be restored to Himself, that we would be faithful in sharing that restoration with others.


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