2016: Page 60

Many would say that since today was “leap day”, it was an extra day in the book of their life.  While that may be true according to the calendars of our making, perhaps we would look at the story of our life differently if we saw each day as an “extra” day!  Would my life be lived any differently if I woke up tomorrow and viewed it as another “bonus day” from God?  Many people talk a lot about not being guaranteed tomorrow, but how many of us actually live like we would if we knew with certainty that this was our last day on this planet?  

I’m a person of routine — not necessarily by choice, but more so by brain wiring.  I have a daughter whose life greatly amplifies a demand for routine that helps me to see more clearly some of my tendencies.  It is difficult when things come up that demand flexibility in plans and schedule.  Surprises are not joyous things but rather they are occasions for great inner turmoil and conflict.  Yet in the midst of such a life, God continually calls me, and teaches me, to trust Him with the unknown.  Today was a day that quietly required flexibility, but did so in a way that I really didn’t notice until I sat down to type this page.  My normal Monday morning routine didn’t take place!  I did the usual morning cleaning and building prep, but was needed for such a variety of different things throughout the day that I just realized I didn’t put together the prayer guide for next week which is a normal Monday morning task.  I worked on internet networking issues, heating system concerns, web site updates, and domain name renewals during the morning.  By afternoon, I began to put together some last minute material for the camp conference I head to tomorrow.  As I printed, folded, and stapled 200 booklets to give out tomorrow, it felt like I was preparing to dean a week of camp with the usual last minute camper booklet preparation.  Instead, I was preparing daily devotional booklets to put into the hands of camp leaders and I was reminded why I have most of my material professionally printed. 🙂

Once the booklets were finished, I took a break to go home for supper before returning to the building to clean for tomorrow, pack the truck for the trip, and write today’s page.  As I reflected on the day in light of the unsettledness of the past few days, I thought about a squirrel that visited me today.  It was somewhat breezy and he had found a secure spot in the fork of a tree where it appeared he just held on and enjoyed the early afternoon sun.  Sometimes when life appears to get crazy and the winds of adversity howl about us, we need to find a secure spot through our relationship with Jesus and just hold on and enjoy the early afternoon Son.  While I am easily bothered by having my routine messed up and by things not going as I planned, I can be confident that God is not caught off guard and never says, “I never saw that coming!”  The secret for me is to diligently seek the face of God through prayer and His Word so that my plans melt away as they are entirely replaced by His plans in and for my life.  No, my day didn’t go as I had planned or anticipated but at least for today, I am okay with that!

I pray that you and I value each day of life God gives us on this earth and that we would make the most of every opportunity to represent Jesus.  I pray that we would continually surrender our will and plans to the perfect will and plans of God.


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