2016: Page 62

Page 61 ended with my arrival home to a wintry mix of snow and ice which meant that my plans to begin page 62 later than usual was not going to happen.  The roads were a mess in the early morning hours today as I headed to work but the sky was clear and the moon was shining brightly.  I took care of the things that needed done inside the building first, then after taking out the trash I fired up the snowblower to clear the walks and make sure all the entry/exit ways were clear.  Once the building was ready for the day inside and out, I headed out for a coffee and donut meeting — I know, tough job but someone has to do it. :).  

After my meeting, I returned to work and tackled my Monday morning routine by spending time with God and getting the prayer guide written for next week.  While two days later than when I like to do it, I still got it to the church office in plenty of time to be printed for next week’s bulletin — I don’t want to get on the bad side of the nice lady in the office. 🙂  As I worked, the treetops glistened in the morning sun as if they all had fiber optic tips installed overnight.  I took some photographs of them that at least give an idea of what it looked like although none of the pictures really do justice to the actual beauty.  As the sun warmed things up a little bit, I eventually saw a few cardinals and robins out playing and collecting food.  As I watched them for a moment, I noticed a couple deer deeper into the woods that lying on the ground enjoying the sun as well.  Eventually I finished the days work and headed down to Potato Creek State Park for a short hike and to take some photos before heading home for supper.  At the park I was able to capture some pics of an eagle and enjoy the beautiful scene of the sun sparkling across the water.

Between the icy tree tops and the reflection of the sun on the lake, I thought about Paul’s words to the Philippians about how when we do everything without complaining or arguing we are able to “shine like stars in the universe”.  Light gets my attention.  Whether the light of the moon and stars on a clear dark night, the glistening of the sun through ice covered tree tops, or the sparkling reflection of the sun dancing on the surface of a lake, I see it and am almost compelled to look at it more closely.  That is the kind of light we ought to be reflecting to the world when we are in Christ.  The way we interact with each other and with the people of the world ought to shine and sparkle in such a way that everyone wants a closer look at where the light is coming from.  We must be careful to always reflect the true light so that people don’t begin to believe that we are the light.  As Paul writes about our ability to shine like stars in the universe, he says we do so in the midst of a “crooked and depraved generation”.  While it is easy to complain about the darkness of our times, it is in the darkness that the light we shine forth can shine most brightly.

Pray that you and I would be mindful of the light, or lack of light, that we display to the people around us.  Pray that we would learn to live without arguing or complaining so that the light of Jesus we reflect could be seen more clearly.  Pray that we would live with the humility that always desires for Christ to be seen rather than us.

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