2016: Page 37

As with many books, page 37 picks up where page 36 left off.  As I finished writing last night I was at work and trying to get home after becoming rather sick.  Whether I picked up a bug or ate something that disagreed with me, the result was the same — a sickness worse than I can remember having for a very long time.  After sitting in my office for a bit I thought the worst of it was over so I headed for home with the idea that a hot bath and sleep would do me a world of good.  No such luck.  I was barely upstairs before it hit again and the rest of the night was spent emptying my body of more content that I knew it could hold.

It was a violent sickness unlike any that I can remember from my past but this is one that I hope not to remember long so I couldn’t say for certain if I’ve experienced anything like it.  With sensitivity to my readers I will try to not be too descriptive but even in the midst of this my mind went to the scripture where Jesus states in Revelation that He wishes the church in Laodicea was hot or cold but since they were lukewarm He would spew them from His mouth.  Last night gave me an image of Jesus being so sick of our wavering that He simply could hold us in no longer.  No will-power, might, decision, or desire could keep us from being expelled by force.  I thought of Joshua’s challenge to the people to make a choice — to decide if they would serve the Lord God or serve the gods of the people.  It is in that context that Joshua declares, “as for me and my household we will serve the Lord.”  God calls us to make a choice and He is not satisfied with a half-hearted part-time commitment to Him.  

I also thought about Elijah on Mount Carmel and his question to the people of how long will they waver.  Scripture tells us they said nothing.  They were trying to keep their options open as they were undecided between whether Baal or God could be of more benefit to them.  I believe that is why when Elijah proposes a contest where the god who answers by fire would be the god they would follow, all the people thought that was a good idea.  Far too often we live in that “lukewarm” state where we choose the god we will serve at any given time based on what we believe will give us the greatest immediate benefit.  I pray that you and I would be fully devoted to God in all things.  I pray that we would be constantly on guard against living a life that would lead us into a lukewarm relationship with our God.

The “spewing” ended by 6 this morning so most of the day has been spent resting and trying to recover from what my body endured overnight.  As I thought about my wife’s trip to the store to get some ginger ale and provide what care she could, I also thought about God’s care for me.  He says that he provides the things that the birds need and reminds us that we have greater value to Him so we should learn to trust Him for a greater care than we could receive elsewhere.  I choose to live for Him and accept His loving care.


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