2016: Page 38

Earthdate: 20160207 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Some would call it a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I prefer to think of it as a time of restful recovery.  I woke up this morning feeling fairly well considering how sick I was just 24 hours before.  As I was going over the text and sermon I planned to share this morning I received a message that the church I was headed to was without heat and water so they would not be meeting.  Missing opportunities to preach is usually discouraging for me but this time I seemed to have a greater peace that God was still in charge and could use this for His good either in my life or in the lives of others.  As a result, I was able to be in my home church this morning when some dear friends announced they would be moving out of the area this week so this would be their last Sunday with us before that move.  It was good to be able to pray for them as we closed the morning worship gathering.

When I got home from lunch I left the car parked outside with the thought that we would go out and do something later — the weather forecast seemed to indicate this was the nicest day we would see for a while.  As it turned out, my energy level was still depleted and an afternoon nap ended up being the activity of the day.  In a fast paced and on-demand world, the idea of being still and waiting seems like such an unproductive use of time to most people.  We read passages of scripture that talk about God working all things together for our good and that He has plans to prosper us and we start thinking that the good and prosperous things should be taking place immediately.  When we start thinking that, we completely ignore not only the history of the entire “hall of faith” that we read about in Hebrews but also the direct context of the “all things work together for good” and “plans to prosper you, not to harm you” passages.  God’s perspective is always an eternal one.  Ours often is not.  Much of the time the only way for us to get a glimpse of God’s eternal perspective is through time spent waiting.

I pray that you and I spend appropriate times of rest as we wait in God’s presence for His perspective in our life.


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