2016: Page 36

Earthdate: 20160205 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

Some nights it is easy to write that day’s “page” and other nights the words seem to be stuck in my head somewhere.  I think one of the students may have left their bug in the building today and it is trying to ride home with me.  Either that or a long day is catching up with me.  I still have a little work to do yet today so I’m trying to write and recharge while the floor scrubber recharges as well.   

The day began crisp and clear with no weather related issues to deal with for a change.  After doing the regular cleaning for the day and taking care of a few minor issues, I spent some time with God refining the list of daily topics for my next book and working on the cover layout.  With the title of “Living Free”, I think I will use one of my photos of the eagles at Potato Creek.  As I went through a couple pages of things the Bible says about living free, I was reminded that God’s purpose in giving us His Word is so we would know Him and have true freedom by following what it says.  Yet the freedom isn’t based so much on keeping the rules as it is in having a relationship with the One who has given them.  Many times we think freedom means there are no rules, we can do whatever we want.  With the freedom we have in Christ, half of that is true.  In a living relationship with Christ we can do what we want because what we want will be to obey His commands.

I guess today’s page will be shorter as I’m not feeling much better and I need to head home before I create a mess where I’ve already cleaned. (Never mind, I guess I’ll be here a while yet but I still think the page is done.)  I’ll leave you with a potential cover spread and the Table of Contents pages from this next book I am working on, “Living Free: Gazing Into the Perfect Law of God’s Word”.

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