2016: Page 35

The ice was thick on the windows and windshield of the truck as I prepared to head to work this morning.  It was difficult to get the ice scraper to make its way under the layer of ice and start chipping it away.  The streets were slick in spots and the first order of business at work was to put ice melt down on the sidewalks leading to the building.  As I was finishing up the cleaning, I got word that school was on a two-hour delay again today.  As I spent time with God finishing up the necessary tasks to start the day, greater clarity for the next 31-day devotional journal began to from in my mind.  It seems as if when one writing project nears completion, God gives me another one to begin praying and seeking Him about.

The current project, “Watch Your Mouth: Choosing Words Which Honor Christ”, is being proofread and should be sent to the printer and published soon.  This next project first came to mind last year during a sermon series David and CJ did at church based on the ten commandments.  The book title, “Living Free”, came to mind then but the thought was that it would be based more closely on how following them gives us freedom.  Today the clarity that came took a little different focus as the current working title is, “Living Free: Gazing Into the Perfect Law of God’s Word”.  Each day in the devotional journal the focus will be on something different the Bible says about how following God’s Word helps us to live free from something, by something, or for something.  Once God put the concept in my mind, the topics came rather quickly.  In fact, in a short amount of time I came up with a list of 40 daily topics that I need to narrow down or combine to fit the 31-day format.  I currently have two different cover photos that I’ve worked on but I’m not sure either one is quite what I want for this book.  That’s okay, it will be a little while until I need a finished cover as it will take some time to write each day’s devotional questions and thoughts.

Following work I spent some time at home and as the sun began to break free from the cloud cover I decided to head down to Potato Creek State Park to see if there were some photos that wanted taken. 🙂  Sure enough, there were a variety of scenes longing to be preserved in digital photography.  I took a short hike and made my way to the east side of the lake as the sun was setting.  The sunset was gorgeous and the reflections off the ice seemed to amplify its beauty.  As I was ready to call an end to the photo excursion, I noticed a pair of bald eagles perched in a tree a long ways away.  With daylight fading the photos I could get at maximum zoom weren’t as clear as I would have liked but they still possess a majesty that the eagle represents.

I pray that you and I would always make the most of every opportunity — both the opportunities to act and the opportunities to be still and listen.  It is in the combination of the two that we find ourselves walking in the center of God’s will.


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