2016: Page 34

Earthdate: 20160203 — These are the ramblings of one traveler’s journey on earth as he makes his way toward a heavenly home.

A quiet start to the morning as I found out after I got to work that school was on a two-hour delay and I could have slept in a bit.  This allowed me a completely quiet atmosphere in which to clean and pray.  I had some inquiries out about several opportunities to represent Impact Prayer Ministry at conferences and group gatherings, so the quiet time to talk and listen to God about these was very much appreciated.  As I got the building ready and took out trash, the sun began to make its way up over the back tree line while the waning crescent moon still hung in the early morning sky.  The scene was crying out for a few photos to be taken so I happily obliged.  

As I sat at my desk to enjoy a cup of coffee, the cardinals gathered in the trees outside my office window.  As they would fly back and forth and chase each other from the preferred feeding spots, occasionally they would fly straight at my window then swoop upward just before impact.  A I watched them, it became apparent that they were coming up to the building to use the guttering as a birdbath and drinking source.  Some day I may figure out the right settings or proper equipment to photograph them in flight.  Right now all my attempts either miss them completely or are just a blur of red.

As the morning progressed, I had a couple of computer tech issues to work on in the building with one of them taking a big block of time without ever getting it to work correctly.  As I worked on other things, God began to weave together the opportunities that I had been praying about.  By the time the work day ended I had received confirmation from the Michigan Christian Convention about my setting up a display there, I had reached an agreement with the Association of College Ministries to represent Impact Prayer Ministry at their National Student Conference, and I had received and filled out an application/agreement to have a display at the Christian Camp and Conference Association Super Sectional Conference Event being held in Indiana.  My purpose in each of these events is to put copies of the prayer-based resources of Impact Prayer Ministry into the hands of people who want to grow in their relationship with God through prayer.

When these ministry opportunities come up, sometimes I am tempted to look at my resources and forecast what is possible and what isn’t.  While Jesus does talk about counting the cost of being a disciple so that we are prepared to both pay the cost of full surrender and finish the journey, he also calls us to live a life of trust and faith.  While I can’t do what He doesn’t provide for, I also know that I must be obedient to doing what He calls me to do while trusting Him to provide the necessary resources to do so.  Right now my financial resources allowed me to register for these conferences but there isn’t much left at the moment to pay for books and resources to be printed and distributed.  But, as I often tell people at conferences and conventions, that is not my problem.  The resources belong to God, and I believe He has called me to freely share them at these conferences, so He is the one I go to when I run out.  

Just as there are times the weather forecast is wrong, there are many times when my forecast of what God wants to provide completely misses the mark.  I pray that you and I learn to live obediently to the will and call of God in our life as we trust Him to supply all of our need according to His riches in glory.

This photo is one I took of the moon this morning while most of the schools in the entire area were under a delay due to a forecasted dense fog advisory.  I guess either the forecast was wrong or God had a purpose in holding back the fog in the area I happened to be in. 🙂


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