2016: Page 30

I love representing Impact Prayer Ministry at conferences and conventions but when the days begin by 8 AM and last until 10 PM or later, my old body seems to take a while to catch up.  Today found me up early to get a start on cleaning the church building before being a part of the men’s breakfast and study.  After the fellowship time I came home and took a nap for a while then spent some time inputting contact info from the conference into my database.  All month I’ve been keeping an eye on family vacation options and today I found a combination of flights, days, location, lodging, and price that fit what we were looking for.  All in all, a good productive day.

As I thought about the day, my mind took me back to my Cades Cove trip during the conference where one of the old church buildings had a hymnal open to the song, “It Is Well with My Soul”.  This hymn has been a favorite of mine for a lot of years and it serves as a reminder that my relationship with Jesus is what allows my spirit within me to be at rest.  For most people, rest seems to come easy when “peace like a river attendeth my way”.  It is when “sorrows like sea billows roll” that it becomes much more difficult to trust that God can, and will, make things well with our soul.  My favorite verse though, has always been the final verse where even when facing Christ it can be well with my soul.  As much as we may want a life of peaceful times and relaxation, that will mean nothing if we reach the end of life and our encounter with Jesus is not one that is well with our soul.  It is our relationship with Jesus that allows us to have an inner peace regardless of, and even in spite of, the circumstances we face in life.

It is my prayer that you have times of great rest and relaxation in your life.  I pray even more that you have found peace with God through a relationship with Him bought by the blood of His Son, Jesus.


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