2016: Page 29

After being away from home for nearly a week representing Impact Prayer Ministry at a camp conference, today was a day to relax.  My staying home allowed Susan a chance to sleep in — at least for a while until a seizure took hold of her.  I began the morning with some reflection and devotional time followed by the writing of yesterday’s “page”.  After helping Susan as she came through her seizure, I worked on going through emails and messages from the week.  Eventually I made it to going through the photos from the times I was able to spend in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park during the conference.  I am almost always surprised at the number of pictures I take when I’m out enjoying the great beauty of God’s creation.  The total photograph count from the conference trip is 870!  As I go through each one, I am reminded of just how glorious God is.  I even find things in them that I hadn’t noticed when I took the pictures.  

Some of my favorite mountain scenes, and therefore photographs, are the waterfalls.  With significant snowfall just before I arrived, and warming temperatures during my stay, the waterfalls were running with great force.  As I considered the power, the purity, and the polishing force of the falls, I reflected on how well they represent God’s grace in my life.  While it can be fun to stick a hand under the edge of one of these major waterfalls, it would flatten you at its base to bear the full force of it.  Sometimes pride keeps us from allowing the full power of God’s grace to drive us to knees before Him.  We are satisfied with just testing the edges of His grace rather than experiencing the fullness of it.  The water rushing over these mountain falls is crystal clear and represents a purity that we all long for in water everywhere.  As it gathers in the pools at the base of the waterfall, it sparkles in the sunshine and magnifies the gravel on the pool bottom.  One of the attractive qualities of God’s grace is its absolute purity.  When we allow God’s grace to rush over us and gather in the pool of our life, we should sparkle and reflect the evidence of God’s grace in a way that is visible to the people around us.  One of the fun parts of visiting a waterfall is collecting the smooth polished stones that collect in its path.  When we live in the power and purity of God’s grace, we find our life continually being polished into the image of His Son, Jesus.  The polish He puts on our life enables us to live in a blameless way — His grace has covered and removed the sin and roughness so that no accusations against us have reason to stick.

I pray that each day of our lives, you and I would live fully under the waterfall of God’s grace.

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