2016: Page 7

I was thankful for no frost to scrape off the windshield as I headed to work early.  When I arrived at work there were no water puddles on the floor.  While that is good in most ways, it still means I haven’t discovered the source of the earlier leak.  With the arrival of snow, and students playing outside during the day, the floors require more attention in my morning routine.  With each round I made through the hallways, the amount of floor with shine began to overtake the dull-looking tiles.  When I am finished, the floors look nice and shiny but I know they won’t  have the same appearance by the next morning.

Most days I am a lot like those floor tiles and I suspect that so are you.  The traffic of life wears me down and takes off some of the shine that God’s Spirit has put within me.  It’s not that the surface is ruined, nor has it lost its usefulness.  No, it just needs a little time spent being refreshed and restored to its original beauty.  I find that the more often I take care of that, the easier it is to end up with the look that it’s supposed to have.  That is true about the floor and about your life and mine.  The more frequently we spend time with God in prayer and His Word, the less the “dirtiness” of the world has a chance to settle into our being making it much more difficult to remove.  I pray that each of us on a daily basis can say along with David the psalmist, “He restores my soul”.

Much of the rest of the work day was spent up and down ladders, trying to figure out some glitches in the building’s heating systems.  I’m not sure I accomplished a whole lot short term, but I continue to learn more about a complex and finicky system.  We all know some complex and finicky people, right?  How much time do you spend simply trying to get to know them?  Perhaps if you have a better understanding of who they are and how they work, you would have a greater opportunity to be an agent of change in their life.  And perhaps your understanding of them will be the method of bringing change to your life.

Each day seems to bring both challenge and opportunity.  I’m discovering that life works best when I go to God for wisdom in using both of these elements together.  It seems that opportunity with no challenge leads to complacency and challenge with no opportunity leads to frustration.  However, with God’s help, facing the challenge within you opportunity leads to fruitfulness.

The clouds may come and seem to overtake your life but often the recipe for beauty requires both sun and clouds.