2016: Page 6

I keep thinking that I’m going to write these pages at the end of each day instead of waiting until the next morning.  I mean, what can happen in the few hours between when I go to bed and midnight?  Sleep!  Sleep is what can happen in those few  hours.   By the time I think about writing a recap of the day, I’m already tired and the idea of paying attention to what I’m writing is not appealing.  Plus, the night’s sleep often helps me to see the events of the previous day from a better perspective.

Another winter morning, anther heavy frost to scrape off the windshield.  The day began spending some time centering on the day’s prayer focus of being, and giving, an acceptable sacrifice to God.  Once that was set in my mind, I could begin the daily cleaning that needs done at the building.  I like days with no surprises — unless they are good surprises.  Today’s surprise was a puddle of water on the floor with a wet ceiling tile above it.  After examining the piping in the ceiling above the wet area, I could find nothing that was currently leaking or even wet.  I put a metal tray above the ceiling at the spot with the hope that I will be able to hear the dripping if, and when, it decides to leak again.

Once the building was ready for the school day, it was time to address some of the other tasks of the day.  But first a few quick  photos of another glorious sunrise coming up to greet the day.  It seemed to be a day to do, or arrange for, some of the building’s inspections and testing.  Being a building that is open to the public, there are a variety of systems that require recurring inspections and safety testings in order to do due diligence in keeping those who would enter the building safe.

It made me wonder about myself and about people in general.  What are some of the inspections that I should be doing in my own life?  Are they being done on a regular basis?  In Psalm 139, David writes of a need for a searching and testing in our life.  A search and test that we open ourselves up for God to do.  I need to daily ask God to inspect my heart because it is out of the overflow of the heart that I speak.  I need God to continually test my thoughts so that he can expose the anxiety (which at the moment is huge) so that it is identified and can be cast upon Him.  He must examine each part to reveal any offensive ways so they can be dealt with in order to walk in the way that leads to everlasting life.

The day also saw its share of deer coming by the office window to visit as well as a variety of birds.  I was able to photograph some birds that were familiar visitors and one that I had not seen before which people tell me was an Eastern Bluebird.  The blue caught my eye while I was on the phone and it was gracious enough to wait for me to take its picture before flying off.

Are you overdue for a spiritual tune-up?  When was the last time you payed attention to God’s inspection of your life?  What did you do about it?

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