2016: Page 8

A week has gone by and so far I’ve managed to write on each page of my Book of 2016!  I guess it is kind of like a “Dear Diary” kind of thing but it has been fun to spend time each morning looking back at what stood out about the previous day.  Much of my life I’ve lived day to day and have often praised God in the moment for the things that are noticeable.  But I’ve not been consistent on looking back and praising Him for the things that were often too small to be noticed until they added up through the day.  It is amazing what each day holds and how much God wants to make His presence known through His still, gentle whisper when I’m quiet enough to hear it.

My work day began at the usual 6 AM.  It is strange for me to even be able to write the word “usual” with 6 AM.  I spent some time reflecting the day’s prayer focus of “Pleasing Sacrifice”, then I did the normal building maintenance and cleaning that each morning calls for and then sat down to check messages.  As I followed up on different messages and finished writing the “2016 page” about the previous day it seemed God was prompting me to keep writing.  So I picked up the outline that I had already written for my next 31-day devotional journal and began to spend time with God working on the content.  The book title will be, “Watch Your Mouth: Choosing Words Which Honor Christ”.  It was fun to once again watch the words flow as God and I worked on the first few daily topics.  I suspect that He is leading me to finish this for a purpose, so I anticipate we’ll keep working at it in the days to come.  As I worked on that, the first of the printed copies of my second poetic devotional book arrived!  It was as if God was reminding me in very clear ways that He is producing good things that are being used throughout His kingdom.  As the morning drew to a close, I had lunch with a good friend.  When he arrived he told me he had read my book, “In Christ Alone”, last night.  Being that reading is hard for him, this too was a great blessing to me to hear how it had encouraged him.

After lunch I finished up some projects and decided I would come back the next morning to do my normal late Friday night cleaning.  I pray that I will continue to pay attention to the work God is doing in me, through me, and around me.  I pray that you would be encouraged by God to remain faithful in being who He created you to be.

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