The Plans of Men

We scheme and we plot.
     We sit and we plan.
We work out the details
     that seem right to man.
When plans are finished
     in just the right way.
We might turn to God
     and perhaps we would say:

“God we have worked
     with all of our might.
Now look at our plans
     and tell us we’re right.
We have considered
     what works best down here.
Now bless us and watch us
     and for us now cheer!”

Those little lines
     might sound quite absurd.
But they’re not far off
     from things I have heard.
“Prayer is fantastic,
     it is great for you.
But please don’t distract us
     from what we must do.”

“This way is better
     for our modern day.
Life moves by too fast
     to wait for God’s way.
If we don’t seize the moment,
     the moment will fade.
Then we’ll lose all we worked for,
     of this I’m afraid.”

As lines such as these
     echo loud in my mind.
It is harder to hear
     the voice I must find.
The calm gentle whisper,
     “Be still and know.
Trust me and walk
     in the way I will show.”

Doing things God’s way
     can be a great leap.
Do I really trust Him,
     His promises to keep?
Will He always be with me
     and always provide?
Will He see me through
     to the end of the ride?

Few people I know
     would ever claim.
To do things their own way
     or seek their own fame.
But when we’re impatient
     and force things to fit.
We pull out a bench
     and tell God to just sit.

With God on the sideline,
     we’re destined to fail.
What looks like success
     may become our own jail.
So before you’re imprisoned
     by ideas you think great.
Seek the way of God
     before it’s too late!

© 2015 by Tom Lemler

Other than a few rhyming lines here and there for fun, it has been a while since a full poem has shown up in my mind. Today started with a pair of rhyming lines about Susan not wanting to wake up. Somehow those lines seemed to open up a poem that had formed in my mind and wanted out. 🙂 I pray that it encourages you to seek God’s way all of the time and to abandon the ways and plans of the world no matter how right they may seem to mankind.

In prayer,

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