The Game

I went to the church
     to hang out with the guys.
It was March Mayhem night
     and I wasn’t that wise.
I joined in a game
     of some quick three-on-three.
Where most of the guys
     were half the age of me!
I held my own,
     at least I do think.
It was the young guys
     who stopped for a drink. 

There is something about
     this desire to win.
When I play a game,
     I must be all in.
No half-hearted effort
     when it comes to ball.
I push through the pain
     and give it my all.
Nothing can stop me,
     at least ‘til I drop.
Out cold on the floor,
     I suppose I would stop. 

The game was intense
     and I had to run.
But the guys weren’t content
     to stop at just one.
So we kept on going
     and played two more games.
My sore, tired body
     was calling me names.
To get into shape,
     I know I should do.
But it isn’t easy
     for me or for you. 

There is a lesson
     that I want to tell.
I kept on playing,
     even after I fell.
I laid on the floor
     and laughed right out loud.
Then got up and played,
     I wasn’t too proud.
Through success and failure,
     I stayed the course.
And kept right on at it
     with all of my force. 

Am I that faithful
     in living for God?
Do I keep on going
     even when I do plod?
Do I give up too easy
     when God calls to me?
Keep your head in the game,
     and your eyes fixed on Me.
Sometimes I get tired
     of doing what’s right.
I want to lay down
     and give up the fight. 

But God helps me see,
     when I’m flat on the floor.
I look up to Him
     and He opens a door.
He picks me back up,
     puts me back on my feet.
Surrounds me with His love
     through the people I meet.
He gently restores me,
     puts me back in the game.
I live one more day,
     to honor His name! 

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

I came to the church for a men’s meeting with a March Mayhem focus.  The idea was that those that wanted to would play some three-on-three basketball while the rest of us played euchre.  I had no intention of letting this old out of shape body play basketball, but somehow I got talked into it.  They were some good games and I had fun, but when it was all over this poem filled my mind.  I pray that it encourages you to give your all in serving Jesus.

In prayer,