2 Kings: Lesson 13 — God’s Favor

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 2 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

The Unraveling of a Nation

A Study of the Book of 2 Kings

Lesson 13 (God’s Favor)
 2 Kings 13
    March 26, 2014

The Text:

  1. Who followed Jehu as king of Israel? How did God view his actions? What were the consequences of the way he led?  
  2. What did Jehoahaz finally do? How did God respond? Why? What changes did this bring to the people of Israel? What didn’t change?
  3. Who followed Jehoahaz as king in Israel? How was his life lived? What was God’s view of his life? What did he do when Elisha was near death?  
  4. What did Elisha ask Jehoash to get? What was he to do with it? How did Elisha describe what was done? What was the message in the action? What else was Jehoash told to do? How did God respond to what was done?
  5. What happened to Elisha? What were some Israelites doing when a band of Moabite raiders showed up? What did the Israelites do instead? What happened? How did Hazael treat Israel? What was God’s response to this? Why? What happened between Aram and Israel when Jehoash became king of Israel? Why? 

  The Application:

  1. As you consider the roles you have in life, who have you followed? Are you content to reflect the character and actions of your predecessors or do you seek a higher standard? What are some consequences you face because of the decisions of others? What consequences do others face because of your decisions?
  2. What things tend to drive you to seek God’s favor? Why would God give it? How much does God’s favor change you?
  3. How do you think God would describe your life? How would you want Him to? If there is a difference, what needs to change?       
  4. How has God communicated to you His intended victory? How persistent are you at doing what God asks? Do you sometimes give up before you should?     
  5. What affect does contact with you have on the people around you? Why? Do you think you are a recipient of God’s favor because of the actions or lives of others? Do you think God extends His favor to people because of your life?   


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  2 Kings 14