The Ride

The first book is finished,
     it’s hard to believe.
This gift is amazing
     that I did receive.
It happened so quickly,
     it doesn’t seem real.
That God would choose me,
     His truth to reveal.
Yet I am certain,
     His work is not done.
There’s more He keeps giving,
     this was only book one! 

It is surprising
     the work God will do.
When you are encouraged
     to let Him work through you.
The gift of His Spirit
     He gives to us all.
Who surrender to Him,
     and on His name call.
But most of the time,
     it’s so hard to see.
How God’s Spirit works
     in someone like me. 

For almost a year,
     I have had great peace.
From the hurt of my past,
     God gives me release.
He gives me freedom,
     as I seek His face.
And reminds me daily,
     I am in the right place.
He’s freed me from bondage
     of negative talk.
His presence goes with me,
     wherever I walk. 

So whether I’m walking
     on the trails in the woods.
Or walking the hallways
     picking up what I should.
God’s Spirit is with me
     and He fills my mind.
With all kinds of good things
     He wants me to find.
As I discover,
     just what He will give.
He calls me to use it
     in the way that I live. 

There’s more to this poem
     than just God and me.
He gives me these poems
     to help you to see.
God’s gifts to us all,
     He wants us to share.
With the people around us,
     to show that we care.
The gifting within us
     may start as a seed.
It takes encouragement
     to grow into deed. 

The people around me
     have helped me to write.
They help me to trust
     and walk without sight.
That is the great task,
     God gives to us all.
To nurture His calling,
     before people fall.
So when you see others,
     look closely inside.
And help them be ready
     as God leads the ride! 

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

As I was spending time with God this morning praising Him for the amazing work He has done in getting this poetic devotional book into print, this poem filled my mind.  This incredible journey of zero to sixty poems in two months time and the final edit of the book sent to the printer taking place three months to the day from the first poem being given, has me marveling at the work God can do when His Spirit is allowed to work and is fueled by the encouragement of people.  I pray that this poem helps you to see the incredible ride God has in store for you when you listen to Him and the encouragers that He will place around you.  I also pray that it helps you to see the need to be an encourager of the people around you.

In prayer,