1 Samuel: Lesson 30 — Hiding In Plain Sight

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 1 Samuel.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.


Here Comes A King:
A Study of the Book of 1 Samuel

Lesson 30 (Hiding In Plain Sight)
1 Samuel 27:1-12

The Text:

  1. What concern does David have about his future?  How does the “but” that begins chapter 27 tie in with the end of chapter 26? 
  2. Where does David decide to go?  What is his reasoning?  Who goes with David?   
  3. How effective was David’s plan?  What does Saul do when he hears where David has gone?
  4. Who was Achish?  What was David’s request of Achish?  How did Achish respond?  How long did David stay there?   
  5. What did David do during his time in Ziklag?  What did he tell Achish he was doing?  How did David protect the news of his actual actions?  How did Achish feel about David?


The Application:

  1. Are you a skeptical person?  How far do you trust someone who has continually betrayed you in the past?  Are there advantages to being a skeptic?  Disadvantages?   
  2. Does God have a plan for your life?  Are there times that plan inconveniences you?  Are there limits to what you would do to see that plan fulfilled?       
  3. How does it feel when a course of action that you take seems to work the way you had planned it?  How often do you recognize God’s hand in successful plans?  Have you ever given up on something that seemed very important to you at one time because it became too difficult?       
  4. How easy/difficult is it for you to ask someone for a favor?  What if that person would seem to have little reason to grant it?  What are some ways to keep from compromise when you live in enemy territory?  
  5. Have you ever had someone think something good about you that you knew wasn’t true?  How does it make you feel?  How about if they think bad about you that isn’t true?  How important is your reputation or character to you?  What extent would you go to in order to protect it?  Do people consider you trustworthy?  Should they?


Next week: 1 Samuel 28:1-25