Can You Spare Some Change?

Spare ChangeOK . . . not that kind of change.

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you read this title is someone wanting money.

Actually, I want to write about something completely different.  Can you remember the last time your life changed in a dramatic way?  Perhaps a new baby in your family, a new job, the death of a family member, a new home, or perhaps you remember the greatest change of all – when the living God came to live in your very being.

As one who has faced transitions in life of various kinds over the past few years, I know that change can bring about a lot of feelings within us.  Some of these feelings are good and keep us moving forward with excitement during change.  Some emotions, however, frighten us and tend to make us resist changes.

I pray that as you seek to follow Christ, you would always be willing to make the changes that He calls for in your life – to enjoy the changes that bring joy and learn from the changes that bring hesitation.  God wants growth in our life and it is impossible to grow without experiencing changes.

May the changes in your life bring you closer to God so that you may serve Him wholeheartedly.

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