Are You Ashamed?

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes:  . . ..”   Romans 1:16

How is your witness for Jesus Christ?  When the subjects of religion, the Bible, Jesus, or God come up around you, what is your reaction?  Do you make it clear where you stand in your relationship with Jesus?  Or would your actions, or even your silence, indicate that you are ashamed of the gospel of Christ?

In Romans 1:16, Paul makes a statement that explains why he wasn’t ashamed of the gospel.  We would do well if we understood and applied this to our lives also.  When we fully understand the power of the gospel, I believe we gain a new boldness to share it with others.  Paul states quite clearly that the reason he is not ashamed of the gospel is because it is the power of God leading to salvation.  It is when you and I recognize how lost we are that we can truly appreciate the power of the gospel to save us.

Do you believe you are a “pretty good person” or do  you acknowledge the sin in your life that requires the power of the gospel to cleanse you?  It is my prayer that as you view the power of the gospel being active in your own life, you would gain boldness in sharing this gospel with others.

May Jesus find you not ashamed of Him when He returns in all of His glory.

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