Talking With God

On the eve of a new year
     we gather to pray.
As we talk with God,
     just what will we say?
Will we listen closely
     as He takes a look?
Does our life measure up
     compared to His Book? 

We ask God to search us
     and look deep within.
To see if we’ve hidden
     some dark, secret sin.
But more than just wrong deeds
     we would like to know.
Is there something missing
     that I ought to show? 

We spend time confessing
     the things that we find.
And ask God to give us
     a pure conscience and mind.
In confessing to God
     we simply agree.
That our sin is bad,
     as bad as can be. 

And while this confessing
     may sound rather bleak.
It’s actually refreshing
     when forgiveness we seek.
We eat of His body
     and drink of His blood.
To remember the price
     of removing our crud. 

We think of our debts
     and the people we owe.
And no debt is so great
     as the love He did show.
We pay off the debt
     that we do create.
But the ongoing debt
     of love is so great. 

God knows we can never
     repay all of His love.
For it always flows
     from the Father above.
The best we can do
     is to give it away.
To have love for others,
     each and every day. 

As we’re filled with Jesus,
     we can’t help but praise.
The One who has freed us
     for all of our days.
We praise Him with our life,
     we praise Him with song.
In whatever we’re doing,
     we praise all day long. 

In all of our praising,
     He does not forget.
We still have needs,
     we’re not home with Him yet.
We bring to Him daily
     our needs and requests.
And trust Him to answer
     in the way that is best. 

There is nothing too great
     and nothing too small.
When we come to God
     and bring Him our all.
We cast all our cares
     and all our success.
On the One who can guide us
     through all of the mess. 

It’s not just about us
     that we go to our knees.
But the needs of others
     is a part of our pleas.
We ask God to bless them
     and comfort their life.
To give them great courage
     in the midst of their strife. 

Part of our praying
     for people in need.
Is to listen to God’s voice
     and be ready to heed.
To obey God’s instruction
     to help one another.
To give of ourselves
     to a sister or brother. 

We want God to act
     and do something now.
But we’re all surprised
     when He says we’re the how.
The answer to prayer
     sometimes is the one.
Who is talking to God
     and following the Son! 

So, what do we do
     when God answers our prayer?
When His life touches ours
     and we know of His care?
When he carries us through
     the valley so deep.
When He says she’s not dead
     she is only asleep. 

We do what we ought to,
     we do what we must.
We return with thanksgiving
     to the One we can trust.
We thank Him in bad times,
     we thank Him in good.
We thank Him forever
     as we always should. 

The new year is arriving
     and soon will be here.
Many people will gather
     and let out a cheer.
I pray that you’ve realized
     there’s much you can say.
When you talk with God
     during each new day!

© 2014 by Tom Lemler

As I spent time going through the prayer room set-up that is part of Deer Run’s 30 Hours of Prayer leading into the new year, God kept giving me portions of this poem at each “station” along the way.  I set the prayer room up with various stops to encourage people to consider different aspects of prayer during their hour prayer time here at the church building.  The main points of emphasis were Examine, Confession, Debt, Praise, Petition, Intercession, and Thanksgiving.  This poem kind of follows that flow . . . at least in my mind. 🙂

In prayer,